Housemates’ unique attributes guarantee their survival

Following nine weeks in the Big Brother Naija House, Phyna, Adekunle, Daniella, and Chichi uncover how they came as far as possible.

The Step Up Housemates examined Chichi’s Head of House win, Biggie’s Selection curves, their last Bet Errand, and what they property their endurance in the Big Brother Naija House to in their Journal Meetings with Big Brother today.

Phyna got a free pass to the Finale this week because of Chichi, the Head of House, who utilized her Preeminent Denial Ability to save her. She actually accepts she has a well of solidarity in light of the fact that, starting from the beginning of the Step Up season, her kindred Housemates have Named her for conceivable Expulsion, and she has endure like clockwork. Phyna depicts herself as a “lioness,” which is the reason she has gotten this far.

While Adekunle didn’t anticipate being in that frame of mind Up House until Week Nine, he attributes his endurance to acting naturally and not changing who he is to fit in. This has cost him a bit, nonetheless, in light of the fact that most Housemates accept he involves his own accounts as a system.

Daniella looked at her time in the Big Brother House to that of a turtle, slow however consistent enough to come to the furthest limit of the street because of Chichi. She let Biggie know that she has had a troublesome few weeks yet she is shocked and thankful to be a Finalist since she didn’t anticipate it.

Albeit Chichi faces a few difficulties as the new Head of House, she is excited to have equipped for the Finals. Chichi, who is bashful, couldn’t sort out how she got this far on the grounds that she didn’t see it coming, yet her exhibition at the Head of House Challenge showed her assurance to go after the Terrific Award.