Here’s The Truth We Know About Missy Higgins’ Husband, Dan Lee

Dan Lee and his singer and actress wife, Missy Higgins, have separated amicably.

He is a playwright who runs his own company, Born in Transit.

Aside from his profession, people know Dan for being the husband of singer/songwriter, actress, and activist Missy Higgins. He has been trending on the internet after Higgins disclosed their separation on Instagram.

Who Is Dan Lee? His Wikipedia Bio

Dan Lee is an Australian playwright and comedian. He is well-known for being the former husband of the multi-talented singer Missy Higgins.

According to his Linkedin, he runs his own company, Born in Transit. Dan is a Victoria University graduate who completed his bachelor’s in performance studies (Drama & Dramatics/Theatre Arts) in 1994.

He began his career as a poet but moved to stand-up comedy and storytelling. A couple of years back, he wrote and performed some shows for the Melbourne comedy festival and fringe.

As per Red Stitch, Dan has been writing for theatre for more than four years. His debut work Bottomless, also known as Frogs Cry Wolf, was the recipient of the 2014 R E Ross Trust award.

Most of his work falls into the comedy genre, which sometimes goes a little dark and surreal.

Aside from that, Dan was also a library assistant at Broome public library for over three years. He looks a little older than his former wife, Missy, who is 38.

Are Dan Lee And His Wife Missy Higgins Separated? His Married Life

Dan Lee and his wife, Missy Higgins, separated six months ago.

The couple had been together since 2013. According to a Yahoo News article on 9 August, Dan announced his engagement after a low-key proposal in Broome in July. They had been dating for eight months.

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Their relationship kicked off after Dan invited the Bran Nue Dae star for a singing session with his band, Cable Bitches.

Two years later, Missy gave birth to their first child, Samuel Arrow Lee. Then a year later, they married in a private ceremony in March. And in August 2018, the couple had their second child, a daughter Luna.

Today, Higgins shared a post about her separation from Dan on Instagram. The event, which she thought would never happen, occurred six months ago.

Nonetheless, she mentioned various attempts to keep their marriage alive, but it happened, leaving her “grieving.” However, she says her relationship with Dan is good as he is still her best friend.

How Rich Is Dan Lee? His Net Worth Today

Dan Lee’s net worth could be more than a million dollars considering his work and career earnings.

Nonetheless, his playwright works earn him the most. Comparatively, CelebrityNetWorth estimates his former wife, Missy, at about $3.5 million. Her acting, song streams/sales, and brand endorsements fuel it.