Henrique Dubugras Net Worth 2021: How Much Does The Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Brex Earn?

Henrique Dubugras, an entrepreneur from bazil, is set to be one of the youngest billionaires in the world.

Brex CEO Henrique Dubugras made headlines after the company made its $50 million acquisition of Israeli-based Weav. The company offers a universal API for commerce platforms.

This was thought of as a wise move as it will help Brex establish a global platform.

Henrique Dubugras Net Worth 2021 Explored

The net worth of Henrique Dubugras is projected to reach 7.4 billion dollars.

The occupation of Henrique is as a businessman. He is the co-founder and CEO of Brex. He founded the company after dropping out of school. His determination and charisma managed to raise 215 million in funds in its first 22 months of operating. The company reached 1 billion net worth in 2019. The company houses over 1000 employees.

The Brazilian enterprise is no stranger to start-ups. At just 16 years of he created the payment company that is known today as The company grew to reach 1 billion dollars in transaction ins three years.

At the same age, he also won a competition for creating a dating app. The prize money was 50,000 dollars.

Henrique Dubugras Age And Height Details

Henrique Dubugras is currently 25 years old. According to our calculations, he was born in the year 1996.

As reported by bizjournals, he stands tall at the height of six foot four inches.

Henrique Dubugras Wikipedia: Who Is He?

Henrique Dubugras was born in the poverty-stricken San Paolo, Brazil. Here, he began coding at the age of 12. A young Henrique stumbles into the art of coding after finding ways to create his own game. He started his own video game company at the age of 14.

After showing his brilliance by creating Pager me at the age of 16, he sold the company to enroll in the prestigious Standford University.

The lifestyle didn’t suit him as he dropped out after eight months.

Shortly after that, he and his partner Pedro and created Brex.

As of the present, he resides in San Francisco.

Henrique Dubugras Wife And Family: Who Are They?

Henrique Dubugras is not married. After looking through the internet for news of his budding romances, we came out empty-handed. Henrique has lived a lowkey life.

Keeping in mind all his ongoing projects, we doubt if he has time for love.

The brazil native has remained tight-lipped in about information about his family. But he credits his parents for his career as they were the ones who didn’t let him play games. So, a bored Dubugras had nothing to do but code.