Has Expedition Unknown Ever Found Anything on The Show?

Yes, Expedition Unknown has found a live mummy in Egypt, The Ark of Covenant and Hidden Treasure on the show. The cast travels to unveil legends and myths.

The American reality shows Expedition Unknown follows explorer and the host Josh Gates. He investigates mysteries and legends.

The reality series first premiered on Travel Channel on January 8, 2015, the travel channel renewed the show until season 4.

Later the show Expedition Unknown season 5 moved to Discovery Channel in 2018. They have successfully managed to run the show for the 10th season.

Similarly, the Discovery channel renewed its 11th season, which premiered on May 24 at 9:00 pm ET/PT. The show has its own fan base.

Discovery Channel mainly focuses on non-fiction content that informs and entertains the audience about the world’s most intriguing stories.

Their genre includes science and technology, exploration, adventure, history, and in-depth stories about various places and organizations.

Some of the famous show on the Discovery channel Includes, Naked and Afraid, Planet Earth, Grizzly Man, MythBuster, and Deadliest Catch.

Does Expedition Unknown Ever Find Anything?

Yes, Expedition Unknown has found a 2500-year-old mummy, Captain Morgan’s Lost Gold and The Ark of Covenant on the show. One of the popular episodes was Expedition Unknown: Egypt Live.

The adventure of Josh has led them to various mysteries and unsolved truths. One of the famous seasons was when the team discovered a mummy in Egypt.

The legendary archaeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass was also part of the findings and discovery of the 2,500-year-old mummy of a high priest.

Dr. Hawass was extremely delighted with the experiments and said that he had never experienced something on a grand scale as this in his 50 years of career.

The channel did a live show, and the audience from around the world was able to witness this big revelation done by Josh Gates.

Along with the high priest’s mummy, they also found two other mummies that seemed to be connected to one another as it was a family tomb.

Another unforgettable episode of Expedition Unknown is When Josh went to find Corsica’s “Nazi” Treasure during season 3.

He went inside the cave of the most threatening spots and made a couple of impressive underwater discoveries in Corsica.

Similarly, in the episode from season 1, he found Captain Morgan’s Lost Gold and met the local Indian tribe to discuss their war with Captain Morgan.

From season 3, one of the most iconic revelations was made in the history of the television show. Josh and the team found The Ark of the Covenant.

Josh Gates went on a journey in Israel and Ethiopia to find The Ark of the Covenant. It is a sacred relic that is said to possess extraordinary powers.

His other finding was England’s Vanished Crown Jewels which was the most viewed episode. There were various theories were made during this revelation.

In the new season of Expedition Unknown, Josh travels through five continents and investigates the world’s most intriguing mysteries.

Is Expedition Unknown Staged?

No, Expedition Unknown is not staged. Everything they have discovered in the show is genuine along with the help of experts.

The production team as well as the show makers have not said anything related to the show being scripted or fake till now.

There has been a lot of argument related to the show being fake or real, as Josh and his teams easily unravel things.

Some of the fans believe that there is some behind-the-camera work that is not shown to the audience and is kept secret from them.

While the show is fun, entertaining, and informative to watch, it is believed that the production team only presents what can be the most entertaining to watch.

The host of the show Josh made his viewers intrigued by the way he presented things to his audiences.

It is believed that they do some research before officially shooting the episode, it will get bulky if they start showing everything.

Expedition Unkown is basically a travel show, they travel most of the places and learn about the history of the places.

Per Redditor, the show is cool and informative to watch, but there are parts that completely feel staged, cheesy, and fake.

Some of the fans cannot believe that every time Josh walks into some place, and find something no one has ever found.

The commenters have a question how is it always possible for Josh to succeed in finding amazing things without doing any research prior to the show?

However, there are lots of reality series which are made on television for entertainment purposes, and most of the work is done before the shoot.

The production teams always work behind the scene and make the show ready to run on television which is why the audience can only see what they present.

This can be the case with the Expedition Unknown as well, they might be doing work off-camera as well but only show the interesting bits for the episode.

Josh Gates Is Going Strong For 11 Seasons

The popular Television reality show is back with the new season of Expedition Unknown after its major success of 10 seasons.

In the new season of Expedition Unknown, Josh travels through five continents. He will investigate and solve the world’s most intriguing mysteries.

The new season is premiering today that is May 24, 2023, at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Fans are excited to watch new mysteries and histories of the places.

The Discovery Channel reality television show consists of eight episodes where the host and the archeologist investigate alongside the experts in particular fields.

The old and new cast of the famous reality show Expedition Unknown consists of Josh Gates, Jessica Chobot, Aidan Dodson, Stewart Fillmore, and Andrew Abrams.

Per The Futon Critic, First Josh will go through the sunken tombs in Africa, he will showcase the most exciting history of the sunken tombs.

The well-equipped expert team might discover some amazing mysteries beneath a crumbling pyramid of undisturbed royal tombs.

After that, the host, along with his expert team, will visit Cambodia and reclaim the stolen and looted treasurer of the Khmer Empire.

They will investigate and do the required research about the stolen items and give it back to their original place from where it belongs.

His next destination will be a journey to the United Kingdom, where he will discover a pirate’s lost treasure in the frigid waters.

Josh and his team will uncover the mysteriously vanished World War I minesweepers at the bottom of Lake Superior.

And lastly, the team on the reality show will go on exciting adventures to Israel and joins two teams of researchers.

In Israel, he will learn more about Bethsaida, a lost Biblical town where Jesus is said to have performed miracles.

Some FAQs

Has Josh Gates Ever Found Anything?

Yes, Josh Gates has found several things in the show. The most iconic revelation was discovering the 2500-year-old mummy and The Ark of the Covenant.

Is Expedition Unknown Real?

Yes, Expedition Unknown is a real television program.