Anix Face Reveal Explained

Anix has revealed his face and many people who have been calmly and eagerly expecting for the favourite Roblox Youtuber Anix to do a face expose is right there.

We can have a watch in a youtube video where he makes his face reveal.

He debuted on YouTube beside one video named”Roblox, Welcome to Bloxburg: How to make Money Fast Tutorial. which was posted meanwhile in July of 2018.

However, concerning his videos Roblox, Bloxburg: Colonial Mansion, House Build reached a view of 2.5 million as of 2021.

Although, He has a Strong YouTube channel, too, but posts videos periodically. His Bloxburg makes and roleplays retained a hit with his fans.

Bloxburg is a role-playing recreation designed by Coeptus, which makes people create their own homes and explore Bloxburg, an imaginative city. It is very prevalent on Roblox.

Anix Age: How Old Is He?

Anix age is 16 years as he was born and raised in Canada on December 17, 2004.

Currently, he is residing in Toronto with his parents. He is secretive about his matter, and not enough known regarding his family.

Although, His parents made him a cake to admire his accomplishment of exceeding 250K YouTube supporters before. And now it has more than 721k subscribers as of 2021.

Though he is an expert gamer, most of his content is collaborative.

Anix started gaining popularity after he ventured toward gaming on the stage of Roblox. 

Anix Real Name Explored

Anx Real Name has not been known yet as he has not revealed his real name.

Viewers and his supporters are eagerly waiting to know about the popular YouTuber actual name getting unveiled.

However, he might have thought about exploring his name like he revealed his face back in 2020.

The right time is yet to come for the confrontation of his name including his other personal details.

He and his partner Alixia are both known for their Bloomberg build videos. 

Moreover, He became a partner with Bearixia, Azylo, and Frenchrxses.

Anix Instagram And Net Worth

Anix Instagram is active as @anixrblx with 41.9k followers.

He has uploaded posts related to his gaming channel and interests.

He also has a Twitter account joined in June 2019 as @AnixRBLX, which has gained more than54 thousand followers.

His social media accounts have been highlighted with his gaming. It has become a part of his life as a career that has accumulated a lot of earnings.

His Net worth must have reached millions of dollars being a successful Youtube star.