Gue Pequeno Video Twitter: Who Is His Moglie (Wife)? Relationship With His Girlfriend Yusmary Ruano

Why is Gue Pequeno video twitter trending? What was in the viral video that was immediately removed from Instagram? Keep reading to find out.

Cosimo Fini, better known by his stage name Gué Pequeno, was born on December 25, 1980, in Milan, Lombardia, Italy.

He rose to fame as part of the iconic hip-hop group Club Dogo, which he helped to create.

In 2011, he launched his solo career by releasing his first album and co-founded the independent label Tanta Roba with DJ Harsh.

Gué Pequeno is known for his unique style, which has become a cornerstone of the contemporary rap scene.

Pequeno has, at the moment, become the center of the spotlight for posting a controversial video on social media. 

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Gue Pequeno Video Twitter: Who Is His Moglie (Wife)?

On March 26, Guè Pequeno made headlines again as he shared a controversial video on his Instagram Stories.

This is not the first time the rapper, whose real name is Cosimo Fini, has made such a mistake, having previously shared an intimate video on social media in 2017.

In the video, which was quickly deleted after a few minutes, Guè Pequeno was seen naked with a girl without clothes, engaged in a sexual act.

It’s likely that the video was intended for personal use only and was uploaded unintentionally.

However, the video quickly went viral, with his 2.2 million followers sharing and reposting it.

There has been no comment from Guè Pequeno on the matter, and it seems that he may be accustomed to such attention-seeking behavior.

In any case, such mistakes can have lasting consequences in the online world, where they are often neither forgiven nor forgotten, leading to criticism and controversy.

Regarding Pequeno’s wife, he is unmarried and has no spouse. However, the rapper is a father of a daughter whom he welcomed with his girlfriend, Yusmary Ruano.

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Gue Pequeno Relationship With His Girlfriend Yusmary Ruano

Guè Pequeno and Yusmary Ruano have been in a relationship since at least the summer of 2019.

In one photo uploaded by Diletta Leotta, the two couples enjoyed dinner together.

In December 2021, Guè and Yusmary welcomed their first child, a daughter named Celine.

The couple celebrated the baby shower in October with a Hello Kitty-themed party with friends and family.

Although not much is known about the relationship between the singer and model, it’s evident from the photos that they were excited and surrounded by love.

Yusmary has also collaborated with Guè in his song “Santeria,” providing the female vocals.

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Gue Pequeno: Music Career And Achievements

Cosimo Fini, also known as Gué Pequeno or Gué, is an Italian rapper and record producer.

He started his music career in the early 2000s with an Italian rap group, Club Dogo. He formed the group with his friends and fellow rappers Jake La Furia and Don Joe.

Gue Pequeno has released seven albums with Club Dogo and seven solo albums throughout his career.

In 2013, Gué released his debut solo album, “Il ragazzo d’oro,” a commercial success in Italy that helped establish him as a solo artist.

Since then, he has released several successful albums and singles, collaborating with other Italian artists such as Marracash, Emis Killa, and Sfera Ebbasta.

In 2016, he collaborated with rapper Marracash on the joint album Santeria. In 2017, he became the most streamed artist in Italy on Spotify.

His latest album, GVUESVS, went platinum and debuted at number one on the charts as one of the most listened-to albums in Italy.

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