Penny Allman-Payne Is Queensland New Senator

Penny Allman-Payne has been elected as a senator, and she said that she is proud to be elected to the senate for the Greens. And Allma-Payne also admitted that she was not surprised with the results.

Together with her team, she has been campaigning for over 12 months, right around the State. So, she will be working to make better-funded schools and hospitals, inexpensive housing, and climate action. 

The newly elected senator believes the three biggest problems facing Queenslanders are:

  • A lack of reasonable housing.
  • Costly and unreachable public services like healthcare and education.
  • The need to prepare for a change away from coal and gas for workers and communities.

Furthermore, Allman-Payne chose to run for the Greens because she thinks politics needs a shake-up. So, now she has won the election and is ready to serve the State.

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Newly Elected Senator Penny Allman-Payne Age and Wiki Bio

Middle-aged Penny Allman-Payne was born in Brisbane, but she spent her school years living in Far North Queensland. Besides, Allman-Payne lived and served in various places, including Brisbane, Redlands, Cape York, the Torres Strait, Wide Bay Burnett, and Central Queensland.

For over 25 years, she has been a state secondary school teacher and is also an active member of the Queensland Teachers’ Union. She worked with over 3000 Queensland children and their families throughout her teaching career.

So, as a unionist and activist, Allman-Payne fought for years to accomplish transformation at a grassroots level, building alliances and managing to defeat unfairness and enhance working circumstances.

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Penny Allman-Payne Has A Husband and Two Kids

Penny Allman-Payne is a married woman, and she is blessed with two kids together with her husband. However, the name of her partner and children are not available in the public domain.

According to a report, she also has two young grandkids. Moreover, Allman-Payne lives in Gladstone together with her beloved husband. She also has an Instagram where she is available as @pennyallmanpayne_greens4senate.