Giuliana Marie Angle

To know about Giuliana Marie Angle, firstly you must know about Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle is an American Olympic gold medalist, lead performer, and also a previously known wrestler. And Karen Smedley used to be Kurt’s wife, but now he is married to Giovanna Yannotti with six children to date.

And among all those kids, Giuliana Marie Angle is one of them; she is remembered because of her dad Kurt Angle. In addition, Giovanna Yannotti is her stepmom, but now because of the separation, their path seems apart.

Learn more about Giuliana Marie Angle by reading the exciting facts below,

Name Giuliana Marie Angle
Birthday January 22
Age 10
Gender Female
Nationality American
Parents Kurt Angle & Giovanna Yannotti
Siblings Kody Angle, Kyra Angle, Sophia Laine Angle

10 Facts about Giuliana Marie Angle:

      1. Giuliana Marie Angle is just 10 years when it comes to her age. She was born in the year 2011.
      2. Likewise, Kurt Angle’s daughter Giuliana Marie Angle celebrates her birthday every twenty-second of January (Jan 22) along with all her family members.
      3. Kurt Angle, Giuliana Marie Angle’s dad, can be observed on Instagram associated with 1.4 million followers on his verified account,’@therealkurtangle.’
      4. Speaking of Giuliana Marie Angle’s siblings, they are Kody AngleKyra Angle, and Sophia Laine Angle. All of them are too close to each other.
    1. Wikipedia bio can not be viewed in the name of Giuliana Marie Angle, but her father’s details can be found on the page of Wikipedia.
    2. Giovanna Yannotti and Kurt Angle are the parents of Giuliana Marie Angle.
    3. Being a kid, she doesn’t earn. But her father, Kurt Angle, makes a lot, and his net worth is approximately $25 million as of the year 2020.
    4. With the username, @RealKurtAngle, her father, Mr. Kurt, use Twitter, where he usually keeps on spreading admiration to people.
  1. Dejectedly, the details regarding Giuliana Marie Angle’s height and others are not still issued over the platforms.
  2. Furthermore, details about her educational level are unknown. She might be continuing her primary schooling in America.