Girl locked in classroom for 18 hours in UP’s Sambhal

Sambhal, Sep 22 (IANS) In a stunning occurrence, a seven-year-old young lady was secured in a school in Uttar Pradesh Sambhal region for over 18 hours after the staff returned home without checking in the event that any kid was abandoned.

The occurrence became visible just when the school opened on Wednesday.

Block Training Official (BEO) Pope Singh said the Class 1 understudy of elementary school in Dhanari Patti of Gunnaur tehsil was abandoned after school hours on Tuesday.

“She was found earlier today when the school opened. The young lady is fine,” the BEO said.

The young lady’s maternal uncle said that when she didn’t get back after school on Tuesday, the young lady’s grandma arrived at the school just to be let by the staff know that there were no kids left there.

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The family looked for her in the forested region however she was not found anyplace.

At the point when the school opened on Wednesday, it came to the light that the young lady had remained secured in the school room for the time being.

The BEO expressed that after the school hours were finished, the instructors and other staff individuals didn’t examine the rooms.

“It is an instance of carelessness and move will be initiated against the whole staff,” he added.