#FreeSpeed The Real Reason Why I Show Speed Was Swatted and Arrested

#FreeSpeed: Youtuber IShowSpeed was arrested by the Cincinnati Police, and everything was streaming live on his Youtube channel. This has triggered a #FreeSpeed movement on the internet.

Famous Youtuber and Twitch streamer, Ishowspeed was arrested at his home in Cincinnati yesterday. He was broadcasting a stream on Youtube when a few police officers swatted and surrounded him, leading to an arrest.

The Youtuber just stood there in surprise and disbelief. “Oh my god, bro. I didn’t do anything. I didn’t do s**t. Oh my god,” he repeated while the officers handcuffed him.

All of this was captured on a video by his cameraman. Now the video has gone viral on the internet.

The Real Reason On Why IShowSpeed Was Swatted And Arrested

Video footage shows IShowSpeed being handcuffed and arrested by the Cincinnati police.

According to several media outlets, the Youtuber was arrested after an unknown person reported him as a potential report. There is no confirmation of the reason for his arrest until now.

Also, his bio on Wikitubia says that he has been arrested either for prank calling the police or burning a PS5 in his backyard. The Youtuber has done such things in the past, but no police officers ever swatted and arrested him like that. So, probably, it is for a different reason this time.

Most of his fans believe that his arrest is due to some false reports by an unknown person. The fact that there was swatting proves that someone gave incorrect information about serious illegal or federal offenses.

We will find out the reason soon. Here’s the video of him being arrested.

IShowSpeed Charges And Mugshot: Fans Go Crazy On Reddit And Twitter

IShowSpeed isn’t charged with anything, as far as we know. His mugshot is getting viral on Twitter.

During the arrest, a police officer asked his cameraman to stop filming until the situation was resolved. So, they are probably investigating some issues, and the streamer will probably be free soon.

This isn’t the first time IShowSpeed has come into the limelight regarding issues with the police. But it looks pretty severe this time, and fans are apprehensive about him.

A campaign of #FreeSpeed is going over on Twitter and Reddit. Thousands of his fans are already asking questions on social media.

IShowSpeed Real Name And Age

IShowSpeed’s real name is Darren Watkins Jr. He is best known as “Speed” or “Speedy.”

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, he celebrates his birthday on January 21 every year. He gained a lot of fame for his extravagant and angry personality during gaming and entertainment live streams.

The streamer created his Youtube channel in 2016, but he posted his first video on December 21, 2017. Struggling with his content and followers for almost four years, he started gaining popularity in 2021.

As of now, IShowSpeed has over 10 million subscribers on his Youtube channel. His Twitch channel, however, has been banned already.