Who is Francis Benali Wife Karen? 

Francis Benali is married to his wife Karen, an English woman.

The pair have been married for a long time and has two adult children, Luke and Kenzie, due to their union.

However, the former athlete has not revealed much about his wife and married life in the public eye.

According to all accounts, Benali is currently residing in Southhampton, England, with his wonderful wife and two kids.

He has been on T.V., the radio, and in the press a lot lately, giving his thoughts and ideas on football.

One can learn more regarding the personal life of Benali through his Instagram handle.

Francis Benali Daughter Kenzie Benali And Age Difference

The daughter of Francis Benali, Kenzie Benali, is currently 25 years old and has a 27-year age difference from her father.

She began her career as a Nickelodeon host and now works as an event host, stadium announcer, and T.V. presenter.

Further, Kenzie has also worked as a presenter for some of the most critical matches in European and English football leagues.

From 2013 to 2016, she joined Solent University to obtain a bachelor’s degree in multimedia journalism.

Benali comes from the Greater Southampton Area in England, where she now lives with her husband, Lewis McManus.

She confirmed her engagement to her partner, Lewis, an English cricketer and batsman, on November 3, 2020.

Francis Benali Net worth

Francis Benali has an estimated net worth of over $100 thousand. 

This is solely an estimate based on his career. The precise specifics of his genuine holdings have yet to be revealed.

Benali reappeared to the lineup against Sunderland and Millwall, earning two league matches and two F.A. Cup appearances.

He was given a runners-up medal for his two performances in Round 4 despite not appearing in the F.A. Cup Final on May 17, 2003.

According to Wikipedia, Benali made his final competitive game for Southampton in the rematch against Millwall.