Flip Or Flop Contractor Israel Battres Is Now A Reality Star – What Is His Net Worth?

Latino businessman and TV personality Israel Battres has made a net worth of over a million dollars in his career. Battres has appeared as a contractor in Flip Or Flop.

Fans are fond of the tv personality and love the fact that he has a strong work ethic. He has gained a massive fan following on social media as well.

He has turned the construction company that he started during the Great Recession into a multi-million business, making people wonder about his fortune.

Israel Battres Has A Net Worth Of Over A Million

Israel Battres has a net worth of  $1.5 million, according to GossipNextDoor. Likewise, his company is worth millions of dollars at present.

Battres and his brothers were looking for a job during the Great Recession in 2008. But that only made them go for one option, working for themselves.

So they started a construction company in Santa Ana, and now the company has grown in size because of its visibility in the hit show Flip or Flop.

The Latino entrepreneur, who has been running Battres Construction in Santa Ana since 2008, owns three companies while employing over 40 people. While growing the business is essential, Battres believes in giving back to the community.

He has contributed remodels to charity or non-profit organizations and low-income people. As another means of giving back, the company donates resources to Habitat for Humanity.

While his success is something that everyone talks about, there is a story behind it. He learned the importance of hard work, dedication, and strong work ethics at a young age.

Ways Israel Battres Makes His Money

Israel Battres is known as a businessman as well as a TV personality. He has built a reputation because of his work and ethics.

But, he credits his wife, Lily, with whom he got married in 2010, for teaching him about connecting to people. He may have started the company with his brothers, but his wife supported him after marriage.

Thus, with his family and friends backing him up, he has earned quite a fortune in various ways. Currently, he has two sources of income that have helped him to amass immense wealth.


Israel owns three companies now, but he has been a hard worker since a young age. His father did not entertain laziness in the house and had asked everyone that if they wanted to live under his roof, everyone had to bring something to the table.

That made Battres work since he was nine. He was a paper boy and had to wake up at 4 a.m. to go to a job and deliver the papers. Seeing his hard work and dedication, he was later entrusted with collecting monthly subscriptions, which also helped him to develop a strong work ethic.

He also used to work with his father in construction and go to sell lemons from his grandmother’s tree. He would sell each lemon for 25 cents, from which he would get only a tiny percentage. Thus, after closing business with his grandmother, he would pick the lemons from trees and sell lemonades which would sell for 50 cents.

As he grew up, he followed in his father’s footsteps and became a construction worker. He would sometimes go to Home Depot hoping to be employed for a day for casual employment.

But, it was not enough, which made him start his own company as he thought he would have control over the workflow.

Thus, he founded Battres Construction in 2008 and has expanded it with Battres Home and Design Studio; Izzy Buys Houses; and Pools, Plants, and Pavers, writes Orange Coast.

Reality Tv Show

He and his brothers had advertised their business through banners which caught the attention of real estate investor Tarek El Moussa, who later approached him to be the contractor for Flip or Flop and renovate homes with them.

It was an opportunity for Izzy to advertise his company, and he agreed to be the contractor in the first season. And it was a massive hit, and he continued it with Tarek and his now former wife, Christina, for eight seasons.

He had stepped away from the show for Season 9 and 10 because he got dragged into Tarek and Christina’s divorce. He was suspected of being Christina’s new boyfriend when she and Tarek filed for divorce.

It was also why he was absent for two seasons of Flip or Flop. He came back for season 10, and now Flip or Flop is ending with the final episode this year.

He had also featured in Christina on the Coast in 2019. And recently, he posted a casting call for people who want to renovate their homes on Instagram. So it seems he will have his show, but there is no further information.