First Bank Nigeria Online: Its Many Features

You will find First Bank one of the best online portal to receive and transfer money. This should not be surprising anyway considering how special the bank is and how reliable they have proved themselves over the years.

The service is available to those transferring money in Nigeria and those that may have to use the service when they are abroad. It is very easy to use and the interface is easy to navigate. You can use First Bank online portal to transfer and receive money in any currency, depending on the country from where you are receiving the money or making the transfer.

In order to make money transfer very easy for their clients, First Bank has partnered with several international money transfer agencies; one of such agencies is Western Union. Money Gram also operates perfectly on First Bank online platform. You can also use any of these services via their brick and mortar outlets.

However, you do not have to depend on any of these third party outlets in order to use First Bank online money transfer services successfully. You can easily transfer money via their mobile platform from your First Bank account to another first bank account or from your First Bank account to an account number with any other bank aside from First Bank. The process is very simple and straightforward. The only skill you need in order to be able to use it successfully is the ability to read and write.

Money transfer on First Bank online platform is highly secured. You can also get it done without the transaction attracting any extra bank charge, especially if you are transferring from one First Bank account to another First Bank.  The process is also very fast. The money you are expecting will get into your account instantly. The money you send via First Bank Online platform will also be received by the recipient instantly.

This method of money transfer is also highly convenient since you can get it done online. This means you can use the service everywhere you go so long there is internet service in that particular location.

In order to make things very easy for their customers using online platform for bank transactions, First Bank also makes the online banking service accessible via tablets and other mobile devices.

Aside from being mobile compatible, all the features you will get when you visit the online platform via your desktop are also available when you visit via your tablet or any other mobile device.

Furthermore, the First Bank online platform can be accessed using any internet browser. Aside from MoneyGram and Western Union, you can also transfer money on First Bank online platform using some other services, like Ria Money Transfer and Transfast,

E payment

The E payment service offered on First Bank Online platform makes it very easy for First Bank customers to make payment online in the most convenient manner. First Bank E payment is categorised into, which are

  • FirtPayLink
  • FirstCollect

Using this platform, you can also make your utility and bills payments conveniently to various bodies. Some of the bill payable via the platform are:

  • Waste bills
  • Water rates
  • TV subscriptions
  • Telecoms Subscription and
  • Electricity bill

Schools fees too can be made using this portal. You can use either School Fees Collections or FirstEdu Portal for the purpose.

Do you need to pay your taxes and duties? First Bank online portal is the perfect place to get this done, especially if you are an existing customer of the bank.  You can make payment to any of the government agencies highlighted below using the First Bank Online portal:

  • Nigerian Port Authority (NPA) charges
  • Nigerian Export Supervision Scheme (NESS) Fees
  • Customs Duty
  • States Internally Generated Revenue and
  • Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS).

The first bank Online Portal can equally be used in making donations or collections. You can pay such collections to various bodies highlighted below:

  • FRSC Drivers License Collections
  • Nigerian Immigration Services
  • Petrol sales
  • Hospitals and
  • Churches or mosques.

Are you involved in international trade and you need to make certain payments or transfer some money to meet with those

Features of First Bank online payment

  • For one, the service is web-based. This means it can be accessed anywhere so long as there is internet service.
  • The service is also token or PIN enabled. This means you will need to provide a PIN or tokengiven by First Bank before you can access the online payment portal. As a result, the online transaction is completely secure. An unauthorised third party will not be able to gain access to your First Bank account, either online or offline.
  • You will have to go through multiple security levels while registering for the online banking service. This further improves on security of your money and ensures no one will ever be able to access your account without your permission.
  • Via First Bank Online platform, you will also be able to monitor all transactions that are made with your bank account very easily. The updated information is also delivered real-time to enable you have immediate access to all necessary information about your account.
  • On a periodic basis, First Bank will send comprehensive reports about your transactions within very short period of time.
  • There is also data input validation feature available
  • You can make payment very easily using your ATM card number
  • As hinted earlier, You can make use of different types of currency n the platform.
  • Instant SMS or email will be sent to you each time any transaction is done on your online account.
  • The data input fields are very easy to customize too.
  • Via the online portal, you will have access to more than 600 first bank branches
  • It is the perfect payment portal for your dealers, distributor and clients
  • It is the best route towards eliminating fraud consequent of diversion and suppression.

If you want to increase the sales collection channels of your organization, this is the best route to go through.