Fake News! Rita Dominc Debunks News That She Gave Birth To Twins

The generally coursed gossip that Rita Dominic and her better half Fidelis Anosike had invited twins in the UK has been disproved by the notable Nollywood entertainer.

Recently, September 21, 2022, a specialist going by the name Etuka Obinwa guaranteed that Rita Dominic, a notable Nollywood entertainer, had brought forth twins.

The specialist complimented the entertainer on her fruitful birth in a tweet that he shared.

“After completely said and done, basically Rita Dominic, veteran Nollywood entertainer is presently cheerful and upbeat for her arrangement of twins you brought to this world.

Her understanding has paid off. A big well done to her.”

Rita Dominic answered this story by posting an enigmatic remark on her checked Twitter account, suggesting that the generally coursed data is essentially bogus.

She subtitled a video of a man perusing a paper, “Counterfeit news.”

After Dominic and her significant other had their customary wedding on April 19, 2022 in Imo Express, this latest occasion happened a few months after the fact.

There were claims that Dominic’s better half had gone behind her back with a couple of her buddies not long after the wedding, however she decided not to remark and on second thought shared pictures of herself and her significant other with coupos’ escort.