Fact Check: Is Ben Davies Arrested For Sexual Assault?

Spurs footballer Ben Davies has recently been suspected of being involved in a huge controversy. Fans are guessing that the police have arrested him for sexual assault charges.

A premier league footballer was arrested by the London Police from north London on July 3, 2022, for a sexual assault charge. The identity of the player is yet to be revealed to the media.

However, it was revealed that the player is 29 years old and playing in the premier league.

It is revealed that the player’s nation has qualified for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Wales have qualified for the competition in this edition, adding more suspicion that the arrested player is, in fact, Ben Davies.

Is Ben Davies Arrested For Sexual Assault?

Fans suspect that Ben Davies, the Welsh footballer currently playing as a central defender for Tottenham, maybe the premier league player who has been arrested for sexual assault charges. However, nothing is sure as of now.

The player is currently in police custody and linked with the alleged attack in June this year. The player’s name is not disclosed for the privacy of the matter. If proven false, the player’s name will be slandered, so his name is not disclosed.

Nothing is sure about who the player arrested is. Looking a the sounds of it, Ben Davies might be the person who was arrested. He is a premier league player for Tottenham FC and is 29 years old currently.

Police have revealed that the person is a 29-year-old playing in the premier league arrested in north London. This revelation made the fans guess that the person was Ben Davies, as his profile matches the one released by the authorities.

Premier League Football Player’s Jail Sentence

A premier league football player is arrested in north London for an alleged sexual assault charge. If proved true, the player will surely be charged with a jail sentence.

As of now, the name and details of the player are not disclosed for privacy reasons. The player has been arrested for sexual assault on a woman in her 20s.

The football player, whoever he is, will likely be fined a huge sum of money and be banned from playing for the time being, as well as face a jail sentence.

The police are investigating the issue and questioning the player they arrested. Though no name and detail of the player is revealed now, fans suspect that the player is Tottenham’s 29-year-old central defender Ben Davies.

Meet Ben Davies’ Wife

Welsh footballer Ben Davies is married to his longtime girlfriend Emily Caplan, an interior designer.

Caplan is a luxury residential Interior Designer based in London, working across the UK. She has worked for many companies and is an experienced professional in her field. Before working as an interior designer, Caplan worked as the director of Seven Restaurants Ltd.

The wife of Ben Davies got Interior Designing Certificate from KLC School of Design. She graduated with a BA degree in Religion, Politics, and Society from King’s College London.

The couple tied their knots recently, on April 24, 2022. The footballer and the interior designer both posted a couple of photos on their social media, confirming the marriage.

Ben Davies Net Worth In 2022

The exact net worth of the Welsh footballer Ben Davies is not revealed. However, it is estimated to be more than £20 million.

Davies signed a lucrative 5-year contract with Tottenham worth £15,600,000 in 2019. His base annual salary is £3,120,000, and he earns a weekly salary of £60,000.

Besides the salary, Davies is also subject to a bonus according to his performance. Also, he is a Welsh national team player. He was a key part of the squad that qualified for the 2022 world cup in Qatar.

Moreover, Davies also has signed deals with many products as endorsements. He is a bright player for Spurs and has gained a lot of recognition by being featured in numerous photos for products.