Everything You Need To Know About Ninja (The American Youtube Personality)

Ninja is a talented video game player known for his mastery of Fortnite and other seemingly difficult games he plays with ease. The video gamer made a career out of what is ordinarily the hobby of many people and has since then amassed a huge online following. Find out about him here, including the controversies that have trailed his career, who he is married to as well as the surgery he had at a time.

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Ninja (The American Youtube Personality)


Ninja was born and named Richard Tyler Blevins on the 5th June 1991 in Detroit, Michigan, the USA to American Parents Chucks Blevins and whose ancestry can be traced to Wales. He grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. He has 2 older brothers, John and Chris Blevins with whom he played video games from the tender age of 9.

The young Ninja or Richard Tyler Blevins had his high school education at Grayslake Central High School and he joined the school soccer team. During this time, the lad worked as Noodles and Company eatery before proceeding to Silver Lake College but dropped out in his second year to fully focus on his Gaming career.

Career Progression

Ninja started his career as a game streamer in 2009 streaming Halo series (1,2 and 3). His talent and skills were honed in over 10 hours of daily practice; skillful and tactical game plays as he mastered and perfected a lot of moves. He played competitively in 2011 in Dallas, Ohio, California, and Columbus. By 2012 he was in the MLG fall Championship of Halo 4 where he competed with popular electronic sports teams like Liquid and Renegades.

The talented video gamer emerged as the world number 1 after he demolished the majority of the halo players earning about $100 per day for his live streamed games. His popularity in the gaming world grew after he signed up for with Twitch where he had the opportunity to play against the famous Canadian Rapper Drake and the American Rapper Travis Scott which shot up the numbers of his subscription on Twitch to about 11 million after the video went viral.

The success of his video game career got him a partnership deal with the Red Bull Esports in June 2018 and he also featured in the ESPN sports magazine cover in September 2018. In October 2018 he signed an electronic music contract with Astralwerks to facilitate the compilation of ‘Ninja werks’ of acts like Nero, Alesso among others, the album was released in December 2018.


The American youtube star has been trailed with a few controversies. Some of them include; his statement about not playing with female gamers so as not to find himself in a compromised situation, his use of the word ‘Nigga’ when he was rapping one of Logic‘s songs whilst he was playing with Nadeshot. His comment about not playing with girls got him mixed reaction from fans, while his use of the N-word was widely criticized.


He had to undergo surgery to correct his sight impairment on one of his eyes when he suddenly went blind while playing a video game. Due to the surgery, the gamer missed out in many tournaments and his number of followers dwindled to about just 400k on twitch but thankfully he recovered enough to ply his trade and get those numbers up again.

Video Game Earnings

Richard Tyler Blevins earns 50% of all his Twitch subscriptions and his earnings are not limited there. He also earns from his Youtube channels as well as free donations and endorsements deals. His monthly income is estimated to be up to $500, 000 while his current net worth is about $10 million which is an increase from his previous $6 million net worth.


Ninja definitely does not only earn money off his hobby for himself or family only but he also has raised quite a large sum for charities and causes such as the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention, Alzheimer’s Association where he donated $110,000 and $2,500 respectively in 2018. He and fellow game streamers Dr. Lupo and Timthetatman were able to get funds of $340,000 for Clip4kids.

He and family appeared at the Steve Harvey Family Feuding game show where he helped them win $20,000.

Who is His Girlfriend or Wife?

The Twitch and YouTube star is currently married to Jessica Goch a.k.a Jessy or Jess who goes by the moniker JGh0sty on social media. The two dated for a few years before saying “I do” to each other. The lovers announced their engagement on Twitter in November 2016 and then they tied the knot in the presence of their family and friends in August 2017.

They met during the Lacrux tournament but Ninja was in a relationship then so they never had anything going on between them until a few years later when they reconnected on social media. Their friendship sprouted into a dating affair and subsequently bore the fruits of marriage years later.

Jessica Goch just like her hubby also has Twitch and YouTube accounts where she streams video games like Stardew and cooking tips and other interesting topics.

The couple owns a 6700 square meters luxurious house in Chicago, the United States of America where they currently reside.

Ninja’s Height

Ninja has a slim and athletic body with a height of 5 ft 9 inches (1.72 m). He has a weight of 70 kilograms (154.3 lbs).