Everything To Know About Towanda Braxton’s Daughter Brooke Carter

Brooke Carter, better known as the daughter of Towanda Braxton, is a 15-year-old cute celebrity kid.

Towanda is a famous actress, producer, and songstress. Towanda is famously known as an R&B singer. She was born on 1973 September 18 in Severn, Maryland. She was born to Towanda Chloe Braxton and Michael Braxton. Her Father was a Methodist Clergyman and a power company worker, and her mother worked as a pastor, cosmetologist, and opera singer.

Towanda grew up with her four sisters, Toni, Trina, Tamar, Traci, and a brother named Michael Jr. She studied at Bowie State University. She has a degree in Music Education. Towanda sisters are trendy in the music industry. They signed with Arista Records in the late 1980s. However, the label was dropped due to poor sales of the debut album.

Toni became massively successful in her career as one of the best-selling artists of all time. Her remaining sisters have also released a few singles and have served as the opening act and backup singers for the tours made by Toni.

The sisters also starred in the WE Tv reality series “Braxton Family Values” in 2011. Braxton had produced most of the series, and she was also an associate producer on “Toni Braxton: Unbreak My Heart.”

Quick Facts about Towanda Braxton

Age 49 Years Old
Date of birth September 18, 1973
Place of birth Severn, Maryland
Daughter Brooke Carter
Profession Singer, Actress, Reality Television Personality
Net worth $100,000
Instagram @itowandabraxton

Towanda Braxton Daughter Brooke Carter

Brooke Carter is the daughter of the famous actress Towanda Braxton and her ex-husband Andre Carter.

Brooke Carter also has a brother named Braxton Montelus Carter. Towanda and Andre share both the kids together. They were married for 12 years until Braxton filed a divorce in 2016. As cited by Andre Carter, the divorce was due to irreconcilable differences.

The mother and daughter have a deep bond and often share special moments. On her daughter’s birthday, Towanda shared an excellent post captioning, “Happy Birthday to my amazingly talented beautiful daughter Brooke.” Brooke looks very similar to her mom, and she is lovely. Towanda is a divorced woman belonging to the entertainment industry like Laura Clery.

The actress keeps posting pictures with her daughter and is very glad of the person she has become. In one of her posts, she stated that her little daughter and her princess are growing fast. Fans of Braxton adore Brooke Carter and wish her to see herself in the entertainment industry reigning just like her mother.

Quick Facts About Towanda Braxton’s Daughter Brooke Carter

Name Brooke Carter
Mother Towanda Braxton
Father Andre Carter
Step Father Sean Hall
Age 15 Years Old
Born In 2007
Sibling 1 Brother
Brother Braxton Carter

Brooke Carter Is Close With Her Biological Father Andre Carter

Daughter of Towanda Braxton, Brooke Carter gets her surname from her father, Andre Carter.

Andre Carter is the ex-husband of Towanda Braxton. The couple’s marital issues were also predominant in the We TV reality series. After the couple split, Braxton claimed that Carter had been very irresponsible towards his role as a father.

During one of the interviews, Carter mentioned that he could rarely meet his children after significant intervals. The couple had a misleading relationship when Braxton Family Values premiered for the first time. They were sleeping in separate bedrooms, and Braxton had admitted that she was staying with her husband only because of her two children.

Braxton’s main complaint about Carter was his unemployment issues and leaving all the household expenses for her. Moreover, she also stated that once they got abducted from their own home and lived with sisters Toni and Trina until Braxton finally purchased a house on her own.

Brooke Carter Age

Towanda Braxton’s daughter Brooke Carter is 15 years old. She was born in 2007.

Both parents share her custody in legal terms after their divorce. The court documents stated that the divorced couple would share joint physical and legal custody of their two children Braxton, 11, and Brooke, 10. Neither of the parents will pay for the child support, despite Braxton’s higher income.

Braxton and Carter had agreed to waive their right toward the alimony support during the divorce. Moreover, they had also arranged with the term that Braxton would keep her cars in her possession and would transfer the rights for the vehicle that Carter drives.

In addition, the former husband-wife duo also agreed to keep their checking, savings, and retirement accounts and decided not to use alcohol or any kind of illegal drugs and drinks in front of the children.

Brooke Carter Has A One-Year-Older Brother

Brooke Carter has an elder brother named Braxton Carter, who is 16 years old as of 2022.

The mother of two children, Towanda, said that her ex-husband had suddenly bumped into her son once. However, he has never really visited Brooke and Braxton. She defines her husband as a “wasband,” an ex-husband.

Furthermore, the actress has also mentioned that Andre has not seen her daughter for a long time, hurting her very much. She added that she had a tough time taking care of her children without the presence of their Father director or indirectly. She had to take her children to therapy as an outlet to get their feelings out.

Towanda ensures that her son and daughter never think their parents’ separation involves their fault. She even let them go for counseling. She believes that her children should never carry the burden of family issues for a long time.

Brooke Carter’s Step Father Sean Hall

After Towanda Braxton filed a divorce from her husband, she began dating Sean Hall, and now they are married.

Sean Hall has taken good care of Towanda’s children and shares a beautiful relationship with Brooke Carter.

Hall is a personal coach and is available on Instagram under the username @kingladybug. He usually shares pictures with Towanda and her children.

Some months ago, Sean Hall shared a beautiful post dedicated to Brooke. The post was captioned about how she is growing so fast and beautiful. Moreover, he also stated that he’s super proud of her and he will always be there for him whenever she needs him.

Sean and Towanda have recently celebrated their seventh anniversary. The actress has dedicated a very emotional and beautiful post for her partner where she mentioned how thankful she is that Hall has accepted her children and loved them with all his heart.

Some FAQs

What is the age of Brooke Carter?

Brooke Carter, the daughter of Towanda Braxton is 15 years old as of 2022

Who is the biological father of Brooke Carter?

Brooke Carter’s biological father is Andre Cart, ex-husband of Towanda Braxton

How many siblings does Brooke Carter have?

Brooke Carter has an elder brother named Braxton and he is 16 years old