Everything About TBJZL aka Tobi Jizzle’s Brother Manny Brown

Manny Brown is a YouTube personality/ musician and is best known as the brother of TBJZL, aka Tobi Jizzle Brown.

Tobi was born on 1993 April 8, in London, England. He is a very popular YouTube streamer and has many followers. Moreover, Tobi is the co-founder of the British YouTube group named Sidemen.

According to The Sunday Times, Tobi was the 38th most influential person as an online creator in 2019. He has over 400 M views on his YouTube channel and over 4 Million subscribers. Brown is also active in music, and he has released music too. In 2020, his debut single, “Destined For Greatness” was released.

The YouTuber got a BSc from Coventry University and has been actively streaming videos for a while. His YouTube channel is TBJZL, and it has been active since 2011. Tobi decided to join YoutUbe while studying at University. As he observed Bradley gaining a lot of popularity on the platform, he became more enthusiastic about the platform. He usually uploads video game commentaries, football challenges, and comedy-like videos.

Quick Facts about TBJZL Brother Manny Brown

Name Manny Brown
Age 26 Years Old
Birthday June 10, 1996
Profession Rapper and YouTuber
Real Name Emmanuel John “Manny” Brown
Brother TBJZL Tobi Jizzle
Wife Ally Brown
Children 1 Son
Instagram @manny

Manny Brown: TBJZL aka Tobi Jizzle Brother

Emmanuel Johnny Brown, popularly known as Manny Brown, is the brother of TBJZL Tobi Jizzle.

Manny is also a rapper and a musician. Manny Brown was born on 1996 June 10 in England, London, and he is 26 years old as of 2022. He has over a million subscribers on his official YouTube channel, MannyPlaysHD. He is a brilliant gamer, and most of his videos are incredibly entertaining and creative.

Moreover, Manny is also a very skillful and talented Football player and often posts videos of himself playing football along with his friends in actual life. He is a big admirer of Liverpool FC and has fantastic presentation skills, which can be seen in his videos.

Manny often does football commentary, and it is enjoyable to watch. The YouTuber’s enthusiasm and passion for gaming can inspire many people. He is widely available on different social media platforms, especially on YouTube. His channel is worth following and keeps the followers entertained and aware.

The 26-year-old started his YouTube channel on July 13, 2013. He usually posts FIFA gameplay videos, and My FIFA luck is the first video he uploaded on his channel, and it was published on Ju;y 29, 2013. The video has more than 16K views.

Manny Brown and TBJZL Age & Early Life

Rapper Manny Brown and his older brother Tobi Brown are 26 and 29 years old, respectively.

The two brothers were born in Hackey, London, England, in a working class family. They have spent their childhood together.

The YouTube streamers were born in Hackney, London, to a working-class family. Their childhood was very average, and they grew up in an elementary family and environment. Their parents belong to the Nigerian Heritage.

Tobi Brown attended St. Dominic’s Catholic Primary School from 1997 to 2004. After he completed his primary education, he joined Bexley Grammar School. In Grammar School, he met his fellow Sideman member named Josh Bradley. He also owned an honors degree in computing from Coventry University.

However, the educational qualification of Manny Brown is not exposed yet. So, based on his age, we can assume that he must have completed his high school education and could be doing his graduating. The brothers seem to have an excellent bonding. They also appear in each other’s videos and have deep respect and love for each other.

Manny Brown Son and Wife

Manny Brown has recently married his long-time partner Ally Brown with whom he shares a son.

The couple has a beautiful relationship together. Manny and Ally have a son together who is one year old. They shared cute and beautiful pictures of the baby as they celebrated the little one’s birthday in June. Although the couple had a child together, they were not officially married.

Manny and Ally tied the knot on August 31, 2022. They looked gorgeous on their big day and shared happy pictures. Ally has expressed that she is beyond blessed to share the beautiful moment with her best friend.

Ally shared a stunning video on their son’s first birthday. She had uploaded beautiful moments of growth with the baby and captioned them beautifully. She stated that being a mother is the most humbling and loving experience anyone can ever have. Moreover, she expressed that her child reminds her of her in many ways. She feels grateful for every joy they have got because of the little one.

Net Worth of Manny Brown and Tobi Brown

The estimated net worth of rapper Manny Brown is $1 Million, according to

Similarly, the estimated net worth of Tobi Brown aka TBJZL is $2 Million, according to

The brothers have accumulated the maximum of their income from YouTube video streaming. They are prevalent for uploading videos related to FIFA and real-life football videos. These videos can get a lot of attention and viewers. Therefore, the monetization of their channel must be high.

Manny has more than 2 Million subscribers on his official channel and more than 400 Millions views. This means the YouTuber can generate an estimated $1400 daily from different types of YouTube ads. Usually, the cost of an advertisement is based on the auction, and they usually bid $o.oo1 per view. Manny has a very luxurious life, and his lifestyle looks lavish too.

On the other hand, Tobi has more than 4 Million subscribers on his official YouTube channel. The total views on his YouTube channel are 517,114,132. Tobi joined the YouTube platform on November 16, 2011, and since then, he has been making videos related to games and vlogs. He also has a very lavish lifestyle, just like that of his brother Manny.

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Some FAQs

What is the age of Manny Brown?

Manny Brown was born in June 10, 1996 and he is 26 years old as of 2022

Who is Manny Brown Married to?

Manny Brown is married to Ally Brown and shares a son with her.

What is the net worth of Manny Brown?

The estimated net worth of Manny Brown is $1 Million.

What is the Youtube channel of Manny Brown?

Manny Brown’s YouTube channel is named “Manny.”