Evelyn Leigh

Evelyn Leigh is a prominent American actress. Best known for her appearance on Shortcake and Animals (2014), Evelyn is also a writer.  She is the wife of an American actor, David Dastmalchian.

Evelyn Leigh started her career as a model and entered the showbiz industry. With David living in the limelight, Evelyn has also attracted a huge crowd. She has been married to David Dastmalchian for seven years now.

Name Evelyn Leigh
Birthday May 7, 1986
Age 34 years old
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Film art director
Married/Single Married
Husband David Dastmalchian
Children son Arlo Brooks Dein Dastmalchian, daughter Penelope Dein Dastmalchian.
Instagram evelynleigh
Facebook evelynleighphotography

10 Facts On Evelyn Leigh

  1. Evelyn Leigh is a well-established American actress and writer who has bagged amazing roles throughout the course of her career.
  2. Born in the year 1986, Evelyn Leigh’s age is 34 years as of now. She celebrates her birthday on May 7th.
  3. Evelyn has an aggregate of four acting credits in the filmography department as actress, writer, art director, and producer, according to IMDb. Although Evelyn Leigh isn’t really highlighted by the mainstream media like on Wikipedia to date.
  4. Talking about the physique, Evelyn Leigh’s height seems to have that of average American women. She is beautiful and youthless despite the age.
  5. Mother of two kids, Evelyn Leigh’s Instagram is private with 637 followers which only for her family and friends according to her bio. She is accessible under the name evelynleigh on Instagram. However, her husband has enormous followers of more than 61k.
  6. Evelyn Leigh is David Dastmalchian’s wife who is also a well known American actor. Both Evelyn and her husband, David Dastmalchian are on the same page when it comes to their professional careers.
  7. Evelyn Leigh’s husband, David Dastmalchian has been married to her since August 23, 2013. The couple has been blessed with two children i.e., son Arlo Brooks Dein Dastmalchian and daughter Penelope Dein Dastmalchian.
  8. Looking at her involvement and credits in the filmography field Evelyn Leigh’s net worth must be very much sound. Also, she is brimming with nothing but pure talents, creativeness, passion which adds to her net worth.
  9. Given the fact, she has secured a reputable spot in the acting industry, Evelyn Leigh is also a fine artist. She has been transforming walls into pieces of art since 2014.
  10. The creative actress has launched a company named The Painted Line Mural Co with homemade and vintage products.