Eva Ossei-Gerning Wiki Age Parents And Siblings – Facts To Know

Eva Ossei-Gerning rose to prominence after getting cast in the new season of The House Of Dragon. The new season of The House of The Dragon is getting much attention.

It is the prequel Game of Thrones series and shows an internal succession war within House Targaryen at its peak, 172 years before Daenerys Targaryen’s birth.

Here, Eva is seen playing the role of Lady Rhaena Targaryen in the series. In March 2020, Eva starred in BBC Wales and CBBC’s “The Snow Spider,” even though it is aimed at children. Tanya Harrison, Eva’s vocal coach, was instrumental in putting us in touch.

Facts About Eva Ossei-Gerning

Full name Eva Ossei-Gerning
Date of birth JULY 19, 2010
Age 12 years old
Country United Kingdom
Profession Actress
Years active 2020-present
Gender Female
Nationality British

Eva Ossei-Gerning Wiki Biography

Eva Ossei-Gerning is an English actress who just started her career. Since the actress has just stepped into the industry, there is no Wikipedia bio under her name.

However, with all of her work credentials, there is an IMDb bio under her name. The actress will be seen in the new season of the house of the dragons, and even before that, she has already been a part of 2 projects. Both of them were TV series.

The actress has always been interested in acting, and with all her hard work and dedication, she gave an outstanding performances in all the projects she was a part of.

Along with acting, Eva is also a great singer and actively participated in different singing competitions before becoming an actor.

Except for her social media handle, the actress is not so active in any other place and has kept her personal life low-key. Also, the child actor has never been part of any controversies or drama, which is great for an actor.

Hopefully, more of her projects are lined up, and her well-wishers will get to see her in more projects.

Facts To Know About Eva Ossei-Gerning

  1. Eva Ossei-Gerning celebrates her birthday with her family, friends, and loved ones.
  2. The child actress just turned 12 years old. She was born in the year 2010. Along with her loved ones, Eva cuts cake on the 19th of July. The actress started her career at a very young age, and despite that, she performed brilliantly. Eva has even shared one picture of her, showing her the cake that her aunt gifted her. The artist seemed so happy in her post.
  3. Along with acting Eva Ossei-Gerning is also very good at singing.
  4. The actress was a brilliant singer even before her acting career started. She even took part in The Voice Kids 2021. It is even mentioned in her Instagram bio and can be seen over there as the actress post more about the recording. The multi-talented kid focused on her studies, singing and acting equally. Her talent is yet to get more recognition, but looking at her hard work, the day is not so far when everyone will know about the actress.
  5. Eva Ossei-Gerning grew up with her parents in the United Kingdom.
  6. The actress was born and brought up by her parents in her hometown. They have always been very supportive of her. Her parents are the ones who took her to all her singing and acting classes. They are still looking after her. Her parents have not disclosed her identity, which is why their names are still mysterious. But Mr. and Mrs. Gerning must be very proud of their daughter’s achievement.
  7. Eva Ossei-Gerning is also active on her Instagram handle. She goes by the username @evaosseigerning_official, where she is followed by more than four thousand people and has not been verified yet. Eva posts about her professional as well as her personal life.
  8. Eva Ossei-Gerning is the only child of her parents.
  9. Eva is loved and cared for by her parents and is a pampered child. The actress has not revealed whether she has any brothers and sisters. She has not even posted on her social media handle and has not been revealed in any interviews. Nonetheless, she must have met many seniors like her brothers and sisters in the projects she worked on.

Some FAQs

Who is Eva Ossei-Gerning?

Eva Ossei-Gerning is a child actress. She is best known for her work on House of the Dragon, My Petsaurus, and The Snow Spider.

How old is Eva Ossei-Gerning?

Eva Ossei-Gerning is currently 12 years old. She was born the 19th of July 2010.

What are Eva Ossei-Gerning’s hobbies?

Beside acting Eva Ossei also loves singing. She even took part in The Voice Kids 2021.

When did Eva Ossei-Gerning do her first recording as a singer?

Eva Ossei-Gerning recorded her first song at the age of ten in February 2020. Tanya Harrison, her vocal coach, introduced her to this opportunity.

Is Eva Ossei-Gerning active on social media handle?

Yes, Eva Ossei-Gerning is active on her Instagram handle. She often posts about her personal as well as her professional life over there.

What role does Eva Ossei-Gerning play in the series House of The Dragon?

Eva Ossei-Gerning is portraying the role of Lady Rhaena Targaryen in the new season of House of The Dragon. She was seen in two episodes.