Estimating Evgeniya Lvovna’s Net Worth Peak At $5 Million – Her Age & Height

Russian-American model Evgeniya Lvovna’s net worth is reportedly around $5 million. What does she do for a living?

She grabbed the eyeballs of millions of netizens due to her jaw-dropping personality. She is a Russian model and internet celebrity whose fan followers have reached over one million on Instagram and TikTok. She mostly shares her fitness and exercise content on TikTok and Instagram.

Evgeniya’s Twitter bio describes her as a DJ and YouTuber. She resides in LA, California.

The beauty bombshell Evgeniya has garnered 1.4 million followers on her @yevaleva Instagram account. She flaunts her perfect body pictures wearing swimwear outfits and short workout videos on this platform. Her IG bio explains she works as a DJ.

You might get astonished by her transformation as she used to be an overweight school girl when she was in mid-school. We bet the people who bullied her for her fatty personality are stunned by her new avatar in a perfectly slim physique.

Quick Facts about Evgeniya Lvovna

Age 27
DOB July 14, 1995
Nationality Russian
Known As Social Media Influencer
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Weight 55 kilograms
Profession YouTuber
Net Worth $5 Million

Evgeniya Lvovna’s Net Worth Peaked At $5 Million, Is It True?

Evgeniya Lvovna’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million in 2022.

Well, Russian-born Evgeniya is an aspiring influencer and YouTuber who joined YouTube on July 3, 2017. Over these years, she managed to amass over 25.3k subscribers and 3 million views in overall videos.

Regarding her interests, she loves to spend time in the gym, and in her leisure time, she shares entertaining content, workout tips and tricks, and blogs, of course.

Apart from this, her side income also comes as a DJ. Yevaleva is undoubtedly one of the fittest and most gorgeous DJs of all time.

Career Earnings Of Evgeniya Lvovna

Evgeniya Lvovna has made a handsome sum of money from her modeling and YouTube career. She is currently in Los Angeles, CA.

She never bragged about her income in the media. Perhaps, she is an active investor as well. Due to her secretive nature, we don’t know much about her earnings.

After getting bullied during middle school, she stayed focused, and her passion for turning from fat to fit is impressive.

The 27-year-old web celebrity Evgeniya’s self-confidence is her biggest strength now. Her lavish lifestyle shows that she has made enough income from her profession.

How Old Is Evgeniya Lvovna?

Evgeniya Lvovna is 27 years old and was born on 14 July 1995.

When Evgeniya was in middle school, she was bullied for her weight. Then, she started showing her progress via Instagram, and her new transformation grabbed the netizens’ attention towards her.

She became an inspiration to many young girls who became a victim of bullying and harassment in their life. Since 2016, Lvovna has never stopped uploading her workout routines and exercises to her supportive fans.

Furthermore, Evgeniya launched a TikTok account in mid-2019, posting dances, workouts, lip syncs, and comedy skits.

How Tall Is Evgeniya Lvovna?

Evgeniya Lvovna’s height is 5 feet 4 inches tall, and she has a slim body. Her weight is around 55 kilograms.

Evgeniya Lvovna was born in Russia to loving parents in 1995. She grew up in Russia and now resides in LA, California.

We don’t know whether she has a brother or a sister. She never spilled the tea about her siblings publicly.

Evgeniya Lvovna’s Boyfriend – Who Is She Dating?

Evgeniya Lvovna has a boyfriend years ago. She went to Disney World on her 22nd birthday with her lover five years ago. She has shared the images on her social media platforms too.

It has been a while since no images were shared in the media. We can’t figure out of the pair is still together or parted ways.

We dig into her social media handles to find out about her love life. Evgeniya shared a picture in October 2021 with a dashing, handsome hunk. His name was David.

We find out that Evgeniya’s then-boyfriend cheated on her. She possibly broke up with him after knowing the truth. If you don’t know, Yevaleva has garnered over 3.8 million followers on her TikTok account.

Some FAQs

How old is TikToker Evgeniya Lvovna?

Evgeniya Lvovna is 27 years as of 2022 since she was born on July 14, 2022.

Where is Evgeniya Lvovna born?

Evgeniya Lvovna was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

What is Evgeniya Lvovna’s nationality?

Evgeniya Lvovna holds an Russian nationality.

Does Evgeniya Lvovna has a TikTok account?

Yes, Evgeniya Lvovna has a TikTok account under the handle @evgeniyalvovna.