Eric Idle Says ‘Masked Singer’ Experience ‘Changed My Life’ After Surviving Pancreatic Cancer

While his experience on The Covered Performer could have been brief, eminent performer Eric Inactive says the experience was really critical following his successful battle with pancreatic harmful development.

The Monty Python star opened up curiously about his prosperity cycle, and he conversed with ET before Tuesday’s Covered Craftsman debut – – where he was uncovered as Hedgehog – – about the gig the show has played in his life.

“The circumstance was very Agreement. I genuinely favored it. It changed myself to come clean,” Idle said of his experience on the Fox reality challenge series. “I had pancreatic threatening development, and I have been especially fortunate and lucky to scrape by, it was caught early, I had a significant action at Cedars and they saved my life, and I hadn’t told anybody.”

According to Latent, he was visiting his essential consideration doctor following his operation and he “stirred up the assurance to ask my PCP how long I had.”

“He communicated, ‘Goodness something like 10 years. You’re very fit, you’re sound, the dangerous development’s completely gone.’ And I hadn’t precisely depended on that,” Latent evaluated. “So I thought, ‘Here’s my chance to achieve something extraordinary.’ I really want to come out now with my harmful development [battle], tell people I’ve made due, and share that experience.”

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Inert teamed up with the establishment pack Go up against Infection, and together they formed the Splendid Side resource – – named after Idle’s mind blowing tune from The Presence of Brian, “Reliably Look On the Unbelievable Side of Life.”

“We will raise support expressly for research and early testing to help others with getting through this thing,” Latent figured out. “Furthermore, it was generally a disclosure for me and it was totally a consequence of The Hidden Singer experience, and I’m uncommonly grateful to them for that.”

Concerning his show on Tuesday’s season 8 introduction, Idle – – decked out as a beast human Hedgehog – – conveyed a silliness, blazing variant of The Beatles’ “Love Me Do,” that enchanted the group, in spite of the way that he ended up getting uncovered.

“The creators said, ‘It’s a silly show,’ and I said, ‘In light of everything, I think I’ve been on two or three silly shows in my time,’” Latent told ET with a laugh while looking back at when he embraced on to do the show regardless. “So I thought it was definitely in my wheelhouse. It was something that addressed me.”

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“You’re entire person was concealed. From the subsequent I assented to do the show, I was Hedgehog,” he shared. “Everybody just suggested me as Hedgehog. ‘Charitable, extraordinary morning, Hedgehog, hello there Hedgehog, how are you Hedgehog?’ It made constantly me laugh.”

Those excited about giving and supporting Face Infection’s investigation can find more information at

Meanwhile, The Covered Singerairs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.