English Darts Player Welcomed His Second Child, A Baby Son Last Year On October

Dave Chisnall is a well-known English professional darts player from St Helens who has spent his career competing in Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) competitions.

Dave began his professional darts career with the British Darts Organisation (BDO), where he also was runner-up in their World Championship in 2010.

Chisnall left the BDO a year later to join the PDC, where he has since reached six major TV finals and won 15 Pro Tour events.

The player’s career trajectory has significantly improved after joining the PDC. Chisnall has been a fixture in the top 20 ranks, appearing five times in the Premier League.

In addition to his high rankings, the darts player has three times represented England in the PDC World Cup.

In January 2011, Chisnall enrolled in the Professional Darts Corporation Q School. He gained a PDC tour card on the first day by defeating Terry Temple 6-2 in his last match.

English Darts Player Dave Chisnall Welcomed His Second Child Son Last October 

When famous darts player Dave Chisnall announced that he was having his second child, the sky was the limit for his joy.

The young one is identified as to be a boy whose name is Parker Owen. Parker was born on October 11, 2021, to Chizzy and Michaela.

The professional English dart player had posted a picture of his new-born on his Twitter account, captioning it as ‘Baby Chisnall arrived 11/10/21’.

Before his son parker, Chisnall and his wife Michaela had their first child, a baby girl, in October of the previous year. The married couple, Dave and Michaela’s son, Parker, will soon have his one-year-old birthday celebrated in October 2022.

In addition, Owen’s birth seems to have given the happy family more joy adding up to a son in the family and a sibling to the first-born, Lexie.

The family seems to have a good time together in each other’s company. Moreover, the family has also been having fun during their off days, having an off-session darts practice routine. 

Who Is Dave’s Wife, Michaela Davis?

Dave Chisnall has a happy marriage with his wife Michaela Davis who is also a competitive darts player like him.

Michaela participated in the St. Anne’s Open in 2008 and many other tournaments before and after she settled with Dave. The couple both play darts for Smokey O’Connors in the Morecambe Darts League.

Furthermore, the gorgeous pair met at Smokey O’Connor’s pub and gradually developed an affection for one another. They slowly fell in love and married on January 14, 2017.

Around 200 individuals attended the wedding of married darts players David and Chisnall. The event was also conducted at Morecambe Football Club’s Globe Arena.

Michaela has even revealed that one of her favorite games is darts. Michaela seems to be in her 30s and has a lot going on in her life.

She resides in Lancashire, England, with her husband and children at their home. Chisnall and Michaela are both English, although their ethnicity is uncertain.

Both Chisnall and Davis seem to have a fantastic bond and chemistry between them. This might also be why the couple is still together for almost 5 years without any disturbances.

Chisnall And His Wife Michaela Davis Have 2 Children

Michaela Davis and her husband, Dave Chisnall, have a modest and loving family of four and their two children.

In 2011, the couple welcomed their first child, a beautiful girl called Lexie Rose. Lexie, 11 years old, was born and nurtured in a healthy atmosphere.

On the other hand, Lexie is not the family’s only kid. She has a younger brother called Parker Owen, who is around 10 years younger than the couple’s firstborn, Lexie.

Parker will turn one year old next month. Apart from that, her family has not revealed her parents and siblings. On the other hand, Michaela appears to enjoy posting images of her children on social media.

Michaela, a darts player, has been spotted uploading countless photos of her adorable children on her official Twitter account.

Throughout her Twitter feed, the mother has brilliantly displayed photos of her son and daughter.

Davis has also mentioned how beautiful the relationship between the brother-sister duo, Lexie and Parker, is in yet another post.