Emma Heming Willis – Age, Height & Facts About Bruce Willis’ Wife

Emma Heming Willis is an American actress, model, and charity promoter; who has worked with some of the best brands in the fashion industry and appeared in the best advertising campaigns all over the world.

She is also a very loving wife, and mother of two beautiful daughters. She is currently married to one of the richest Hollywood actors, not only in America but all over the world.

Emma Heming Willis’ Biography & Age

Emma Heming was born in Malta on June 18, 1978. Her father is an Englishman, while her mother, Zorina Heming, was of Guyanese descent. She was raised in her father’s native land, in North London as a child; unfortunately, while she was still very young, her parents got divorced and her mother relocated with her to California in the United States of America.

There is not much information about her educational background or that of her siblings. In 1994, while aged 16, she entered for the Big Breakfast Find me a Supermodel competition, organized by the Lorraine Ashton Modeling agency, and won it.

Emma has worked with the who-is-who in the fashion and fragrance industry, some of which include Christian Dior, GAP, Escada, Garnier, and so many other very popular brands. Her face has also appeared in several magazines, billboards and advertisement campaigns all over the world.

She has appeared in 4 movies in Hollywood, as well as one television show.

Emma Heming Willis’ Height

Emma Heming Willis has an amazing physique. She is 5 feet and 10 inches (1.78 meters) tall but her weight is not really known. The very beautiful model also has dark chestnut-looking eyes, while the color of her hair is dark chestnut as well.

Interesting Facts About Bruce Willis’ Wife

Net Worth

Emma reportedly has a net worth of $5 million. She made most of her money from her modeling career, as she was an in-demand model who worked with some of the very best brands in the world. Emma’s husband, Bruce Willis, on the other hand, is worth a hefty $180 million – this figure puts him amongst the richest male actors in the whole world.

Emma’s Family Life

Emma Heming Willis got married to Bruce Willis on March 21, 2009, and they have been married for about 10 years now. Their wedding took place in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Unfortunately, the wedding was not legally binding, and they had to get married again in Beverley Hills in a civil ceremony just 6 days after their first one. Their marriage is blessed with two beautiful daughters – Evelyn and Mabel Willis.

Emma is the step-mum of her husband’s three daughters – the product of his first marriage to very popular actress, Demi Moore. She once said that she loves her big family and appreciates the fact that her two young daughters are very fond of their older sisters and that they have built a very solid bond between them over time.

How And Where Did She Meet Her Husband?

Emma met her husband in a rather unconventional place. Most people go to the gym to either burn off their excess weight, keep in shape or build their muscles, but Emma, while attempting to do one or more of these things, also met her husband at the gym. Emma and Bruce both shared the same fitness trainer and worked out at the same gym coincidentally; her trainer introduced her to Bruce and the two struck off a relationship in no time at all.

The Age Difference Between Emma Heming Willis

“Age is nothing but numbers”, they say, and this holds true for Emma and her husband. There are 23 years between her and her hubby and that doesn’t bother her in any way at all. She fell instantly in love with Bruce when they initially met and she knew instantly that he was the man for her.

Movie Appearance With Her Husband

Emma has appeared in about two different movies with her husband, Bruce Willis; coincidentally, one was before she married him and the other after their marriage. The first movie they appeared in together was titled “Perfect Stranger” released in 2007. She starred as Donna, while Bruce Willis starred as Harrison Hill. In 2013, they both featured in the movie “Red 2”; Bruce starred as Frank Moses, while Emma (now his wife) starred as Kelly – the assistant of an assassin in the movie.

The Willis’ Fragrance Collaboration

Emma and her husband have worked together with some of the best in the apothecary business to create three unique fragrances. Two of them were created for men, while the third was made for women. One of the fragrances named after him actually won him a nomination for an award in Germany.

Her Previous Relationships

Emma Heming Willis stated that she went on a few dates with several men in the past and before she got married to her present husband. Most of her prior relationships were not serious at all; it was nothing more than a few dates, just to get to know each other. She was never married previously, was not engaged or betrothed to any man, before settling down with her husband.

Her Work With Charity

Emma Heming Willis devotes her time and resources to help those in need and one of the ways she does that is by being an ambassador for an organization called “Room to Grow”. This not-for-profit organization seeks to help children born into poverty, by offering assistance and opportunities to take them out of their present circumstances.