Emily Hillstrom Parents: Where Are They From? Does She Have A Affair With Ex-Toronto Mayor John Tory

Who are Emily Hillstrom parents? Who had an affair with recently-resigned Toronto mayor John Tory has been the topic that everyone has been attempting to find an answer to online.

At a news conference on Friday night, Tory gave little information about the relationship but said it started during the COVID-19 shutdowns and concluded on good terms earlier this year.

The names of Emily Hillstrom’s purported mistresses, Scarborough Health Network Foundation and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, have been released.

According to reports, the relationship started during COVID-19 shutdowns and was resolved early this year on good terms.

Tory gave a brief press conference upon his departure, but he gave few specifics regarding the relationship.

Emily Hillstrom traveled with Tory and other local leaders on an EU mission to London and Copenhagen in 2019.

Emily Hillstrom Parents: Where Are They From?

After thoroughly researching the matter, we could not uncover any information on her parents or other aspects of her private life. 

Thus, there is currently no information available on Emily Hillstrom Parents except that she is the daughter of a prominent local figure. After the viral news of Emily Hissdtorm, United States and Canadian residents are fleeing the area.

Netizens wanted to know how it happened and any background information about Emily because this news was a complete shock. 

This article will give the readers complete information about Emily Hillstrom’s LinkedIn.


People look for her profile on LinkedIn to learn more about Emily Hillstrom and the job she currently holds. 

According to the reports, Emily Hillstrom is currently employed by MLSE, which surprised numerous online users. 

Others have also commented on how she obtained a well-paying position at MLSE so quickly, and they believe it is all related to John Tory.

Does She Have A Affair With Ex-Toronto Mayor John Tory

Tory is 68 years old and married, while Emily Hillstrom is 31.

Online allegations concerning Toronto mayor John Tory’s supposed liaison with a staff member have been circulating since news of his departure broke on Friday.

The public and media have been speculating about the identity of the nameless employee despite Tory’s little information regarding the situation during a news conference.

One name that keeps coming up in these debates is Emily Hillstrom, a former tour guide for Tory and the offspring of a well-known local figure.

In 2019, Emily Hillstrom, employed by MLSE – Scarborough Health Network Foundation & Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment as associate director of campaigns and special projects, went to London and Copenhagen with Tory as a staff member.

The relationship reportedly started during the COVID-19 shutdowns and was mutually agreed to stop early this year. 

The nameless individual is reportedly currently employed by another Company. After Rob Ford, Tory, a married 68-year-old, became the mayor. Hillstrom, who is 31, is of age.

On the EU mission, Tory was accompanied by his deputy chief of staff Courtney Glen, Mike Williams, a representative of the Toronto Area Board of Commerce, Tourism Toronto, Toronto Global, the World Trade Centre Toronto, and Exhibition Place.

The mayor completed a two-day business tour in London en route to Copenhagen, where he spoke with corporate titans in the financial services industry.

Although Hillstrom has not yet responded to the rumors, interest in this issue among the general public is still high.

 It’s unclear how this scandal will affect Toronto politics and Tory’s legacy when more information comes to light.