Elead1one Owner Hugh Hathcock and Gator Boosters Donation of $12.6 Million

Hugh Hathcock, a long-time Gator donor, recently pledged $12.6 million to Gator Boosters, the single highest cash contribution in the organization’s history.

ReconVelocity was founded and is owned by Hugh Hathcock. He owned ELEAD1ONE from 1985 until June 2018, when he sold it for more than half a billion dollars.

In April of 2019, Hathcock launched his new startup, ReconVelocity.

He works with vehicle dealers and is passionate about determining the future of the automotive retail business.

Elead1one: Who Is Hugh Hathcock?

Hugh Hathcock is the owner of Velocity Automotive. He ran an automobile CRM software company and call center as the proprietor of ELEAD1ONE.

He spent 34 years developing technology that helped auto dealers and dealer organizations succeed.

He sold the company to CDK Global in 2018 for approximately $550 million after successfully growing it to generate billions of dollars for dealers and housed the largest call center in the automotive industry.

He now brings his profound industry expertise, commercial acumen, and innovative energy to his new firm, Velocity Automotive Solutions.

He is looking forward to another journey of developing a vibrant digital company.

Velocity Automotive Solutions, based in Destin, Florida, with a technology team in Atlanta, Georgia, creates dealership software solutions that help dealers sell cars faster and make more money.

Hugh Hathcock – Gator Boosters Donation of $12.6 Million

Hathcock has amassed enough wealth to recently make a $12.6 million donation to Gator Boosters, the organization’s highest single financial gift in its history.

The UF Board of Trustees approved the name of the Hugh Hathcock Suite Tower at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium and the Hugh Hathcock Basketball Complex at the UF Basketball Practice Facility in early December to honor and celebrate this game-changing contribution.

A portion of the contribution will go toward basketball practice facility repairs, while the rest will go toward the UAA Facilities Master Plan.

Gator Boosters has obtained private funding commitments totaling $148.8 million for the master plan.

UF Athletic Director Scott Stricklin said, “Hugh’s talents and success in business are matched only by his passion for the Gators.”

“He’s a big thinker, so it’s only natural that this is the most significant contribution the Gators Boosters have ever received.”

Hugh Hathcock Wikipedia Explored

Hugh Hathcock is not listed on the Wikipedia official page. However. his dedication and consistency might lead him to be listed on the Wikipedia official page.

Hathcock’s father was a Western Electric employee at the time, and the family eventually relocated to Valdosta, where Hathcock attended high school.

When it came time for college, Hathcock returned to UF but only for a short time.

He was just there for a semester. Hathcock’s passion for Gators athletics remained strong, but there was a large world beyond the town, and he aspired to make a name for himself as a businessman.

The Hathcock family visited the UF campus frequently for athletic events. They traveled to both local and distant bowl games. They attended national championship celebrations and met coaches and players.

Doug Brown, Gator Boosters’ Deputy Executive Director, has known Hathcock since he was a teenager and has watched his business career flourish.

Hathcock was always interested in what was going on with the Gators, no matter where he was in life.