Dusty Baker Wife: Who Is Melissa Baker?

Dusty Baker is a top manager in Major League Baseball with a number of outstanding records. Dusty is currently managing Houston Astros after they tied him to a one-year deal.

Before Dusty Baker ventured into coaching, he played in the MLB as an outfielder for Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers. Dusty married Melissa Grace Esplana Fiesta Baker in November 1994 after parting ways with Alice Lee.

Melissa Baker is an American celebrity wife socialite and homemaker who hails from San Francisco. After Dusty and Melissa exchanged vows in 1994, they gave birth to their son, Darren Baker, on February 11, 1999.

Melissa Baker Age

How old is Melissa Baker? Melissa Baker was born on February 21, 1961, thus, she is aged 60 years.

Melissa Baker Net Worth

How much is Melissa Baker worth? Melissa Baker, the mother of Darren Baker, has a net worth estimation of $ 20 million.

Melissa Baker Education

Melissa Baker attended a local university in San Francisco and studied English and

What is Dusty Baker’s real name?

The real name of Dusty Baker is Johnnie B. Baker Jr.

How old is Dusty Baker?

Dusty Baker was born on June 15, 1949, hence he is 72-years-old.

Who has Dusty Baker managed?

Which teams did Dusty Baker coach? Dusty Baker has managed a number of teams in Major League Baseball. They are as follows:

  • San Francisco Giants – (1993 to 2002).
  • Chicago Cubs – (1993 to 2002).
  • Cincinnati Reds – (2003 to 2006).
  • Washington Nationals – (2016 to 2017).
  • Houston Astros – (2020 and present)

Why does Dusty Baker wear black rubber gloves?

Dusty Baker wears black rubber gloves because his hands get cold easily.