Meet Gonzaga Bulldogs Drew Timme Brother Walker Timme

Drew Timme is an older brother to Walker Timme who has been active in basketball just like his big brother.

Walker is a few years younger than his brother but both of them are equally active in the game of basketball and they can be considered competitors.

Currently, Walker is in his high school, J.J Pearce High School where he has been playing for its boys’ team and has been performing very well.

Moreover, we can also find him on the social media sites like Instagram and others where he shares pictures of himself playing basketball.

Who Are The Parents Of Drew Timme?

Drew Timme was born to Megan and Matt Timme and we came to know that they are incredibly supportive parents to their children.

Matt was a former basketball player who has got ample experience in this game and he is the one who taught them the game of basketball.

Likewise, his mother has been a constant critic as well as a supporter of both of her sons who had been honing the skill and showcasing the talent with effort.

As both of his parents have been active in different sports in his youth days, this has been an inspirational factor for not only them but all other people too.

Drew Timme Family Details Explored

Drew Timme has chosen to keep his family details discreet as of now because we are unable to find much about him online.

As he took birth in an American family, his nationality, as well as originality and every other identifying aspect, are American itself just like his parents.

We have information just about her parents and sibling on the internet as no other family members have been known to us till the present time.

Moreover, he is grateful to every family member for showing support towards him motivating him to move forward during his tough days.

Is Drew Timme Present On Instagram?

Yes, Drew Timme is indeed present on Instagram under @drew_timme2 and more than 86 thousand people have been following him there.

He often shares posts relating to the game of basketball through his Instagram and we can understand, he has been able to build quite a fan following.

Not only as a sports person, but he has been currently active as a social media influence too and endorses different brands and products online.