Drag Race Belgium 2023: Release date, air time, cast, judges, host, and more

Race Belgium is ready to go into going full speed ahead as the global race reality series debuts this Thursday, February 16, at 8 pm CET/2 pm ET on Amazing. All through the Belgium spin-off reality drag series, ten skilled sovereigns from the European nation will vie for the crown and a monetary reward of €20.000.

Otherwise called Race Belgique, the most recent expansion is consistently prompting the development of the drag domain establishment drove by Mom RuPaul. It as of now remembers the Emmy-winning establishment’s worldwide variants for Chile, Thailand, the Unified Realm, Canada, Holland, Australia, Italy, Spain, the Philippines, France, and Sweden.

Previous challenger from season 1 of Canada’s Race: Canada versus the World, Rita Baga, will have the forthcoming race series. Belgian YouTube content maker Lufy, and Belgian vocalist, entertainer, and comic, Mustii will manage as the opposition’s appointed authorities for the drag entertainers.

Meet the cross dressers from Race Belgium Race Belgium will highlight ten new challengers playing out their glitz and style before three hosts. The ten Belgian cross dressers vieing for the title of Belgium’s most memorable Drag Whiz are Amanda Tears, Athena Sorgelikis, Brittany Von Bottokx, Drag Couenne, Edna Sorgelen, Mademoiselle Boop, Mocca Bone, Peach, Susan, and Valenciaga.

Amanda Tears, otherwise known as Milla Glace, 21, the most youthful projecting applicant, fears nothing. She appreciates sewing her own garments beginning to end and is presently signed up for a style configuration course in Paris. She has an energy for design and couture.

The Race Belgium star has just been in the drag scene for around two years, and she just needs to create. That’s what she trusts “Race” will assist her with additional fostering her character.

Athena Sorgelikis, 27, a cordial and whimsical individual, is without a doubt one of the arising stars in the drag local area. She is Edna Sorgelsen’s blissful drag girl. In the drag local area, she addresses innovation. The Race Belgium star manages The Plan, a café in Brussels’ downtown area.

36-year-old Brittany Van Bottokx, initially from Mons, makes hairpieces. In this way, her drag appearances are regularly amazing. She believes that level provincial drag isn’t quite so level as it appears with loads of tomfoolery.

In Belgium, no one appreciates hairpieces as much as Brittany. Every one of them are cherished and worn by our darling sovereign, no matter what their size, variety, or shape. Brittany is a beautiful individual with a marvelous funny bone that follows through in her drag. The Race Belgium star is unique and autonomous, defends what she trusts in, and doesn’t really mind individuals’ thought process of her.

Drag Couenne, 24, a rising star in Belgian drag, is an entertainer familiar with openly standing up for herself. She is an individual from the “Not Permitted” bunch, which essentially comprises of trans craftsmen. Subsequently, it fills in as a political and elective drag. The Race Belgium star is eminent for her uncommon and unmistakable exhibitions and her energetic cosmetics style.

Edna Sorgelsen, 34, oozes ferocity and energy and has a frightfully adorable character. She was an unbelievable drag entertainer in Brussels who started out at Maman prior to putting resources into the Nightclub Mademoiselle.

Socially associated with the LGBTQIA+ people group, the Race Belgium star likewise guides “Exceptional” studios, where she peruses kids’ books with orientation, character, and resilience related subjects to them. She really appreciates speaking with her audience.

Mademoiselle Boop, 37, left her old neighborhood of Dinant a couple of years prior to venture out to the city and open the Supper club Mademoiselle. She is a genuine financial specialist who has laid out her supper club as one of the vital areas for the Brussels party.

She has additionally helped shape the vocations of various entertainers and specialists. Notwithstanding being very delicate, the Race Belgium star doesn’t avoid sharing her perspective.

35-year-old Mocca Boné, an unshaven sovereign, is from Colombia. She is an incredible artist who was an individual from Maurice Béjart’s organization. Mocca Bone is beguiling with a beautiful sparkle facial hair growth and enamoring grin. Her irresistible grin lights up everybody’s day wherever she goes.

She was born in Columbia and was taken on by Belgian guardians. She can easily associate you with one of her numerous RuVeals.

Peach, 23, from the region of Liège, has needed to be a cross dresser since she was a young lady. A contender on a basic level, she broadly won the “Drag Foundation” in Paris. Peach gives cosmetics guidelines on her own YouTube channel. She appreciates granting her insight and creativity and is profoundly calm utilizing advanced codes.

The Race Belgium star is among the various youthful sovereigns who went through their early stages watching RuPaul’s Race while subtly longing to contend. She had serious areas of strength for an in style and magnificence and turned into a magnificent sewer. Peach is a loner commonly, however when she embraces her wild and enchanting drag, she’ll ensure no other person is observing except for you.

The Sovereign of the North Nation, Susan, 26, who was raised bilingually, had a Walloon father and a Flemish mother. She is familiar with French and Dutch.

The Race Belgium star plays with a mix of current and conventional styles and draws motivation from the ladies around her. She has a tremendous comical inclination. Aunt Susan is a nickname she appreciates utilizing.

Like Susan, Valenciaga (26) was raised near the Flemish drag scene and was born in Wallonia to a Walloon father and a Flemish mother. The Race Belgium star has her stuff set up in Flanders. She coordinates artistic expression, sews, acts in theater, and appreciates design and photography. Subtleties are essential to her. Her drag is inconceivably a la mode and perfect. She played on the Stomach muscle stage close by Charli XCX.

The cross dressers of Race Belgique will take part in a scope of crazy difficulties and hairpiece taking runway rivalries every week. The appointed authorities will choose the top sovereigns to continue on toward the following episode in light of their exhibitions until France’s most memorable Drag Genius is delegated.

In every episode of Race Belgium, the hopefuls should exhibit their capacities and complete the test set before them before an expert jury.

Quite possibly of the most notable content maker in the country, Lufy, will survey their appearances and beauty care products while vocalist and jokester, Mustii will evaluate their stage presence. Two surprising visitors will go along with them every week to help them in qualifying or eliminating a cross dresser from the opposition.

Race Belgium debuts this Thursday, February 16, at 8 pm CET/2 pm ET just on Amazing. In Belgium, it will air on Tipik.