Dr Oakley Daughters Ages and Family Members

Dr Oakley daughters ages are 25, 24 and 18, respectively. Her daughters appear with her on Dr. Oakley, Yukon Ve in Nat Geo.

Michelle Oakley is a professional veterinarian and Nat Geo Wild television series narrator.

The vet married Shane Oakley, a firefighter, in 1992 in Hawaii. After five years, the couple was blessed  with their first kid, Seirra Okaley. One year later, she had her second child Maya.

The couple had their third child Willow in 2004.

Michelle has been a great teacher to her little girls as they grew up in her direction.

The TV series Dr. Oakley, Yukon Ve premiered on April 12, 2014, and the veterinarian girls have shared their desire to help animals.

Even her older girl Sierra has officially started her veterinary career and followed in her mother’s footsteps in March 2023.

Dr Oakley Family Ages

Sierra Oakley 25
Maya Oakley 24
Willow Oakley 18
Shane Oakley 57
Michelle Oakley 51

Dr Oakley Daughters Join Her In Her Expeditions

Dr Oakley daughters ages are Sierra Oakley -25, Maya Oakley -24, and Willow Oakley -18 years old.

Her three girls were helping hands from an early age. They learned to care for the animals from their mother.

At first, her older girl mostly appeared on the American television series Oakley, Yukon Vet.

Once, the TV personality joined an expedition to show her girl what it takes to be a wildlife veterinarian. The mother-daughter drafted anesthetized bears together.

Later, her middle and youngest children joined her in her vet life.

Maya and Sierra worked as field assistants to help their mother during summer break.

In 2018, a professional veterinarian shared her two girls are amazing with the animals and even keep their mom going while making her laugh when it got tough.

The vet shared her worries about how she would do this without them when they returned to school.

In seasons 11 and 12, the girls worked together to cure the creature at the nonprofit organization Alaska Wildlife Cons. Center.

Although Michelle’s elder kid moved to Australia to study veterinary, her other kid is still working with her. Recently, she had a trip with Maya to Uganda.

First Child Sierra Oakley

Birthday July 16, 1997
Birth Place Yukon, Canada
Age 25
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Occuption Vet Student and Field Assistant
Residence Australia
Eduaction StFX University and Murdoch University

Sierra Oakley age is 25, born on July 16, 1997, in Yukon, Canada.

Her mom Michelle posted on her Twitter about her older daughter’s last day of being 17 on July 15, 2015.

Although it’s her birthday week, she spent time helping her mum with a sick caribou.

She is a veterinary student who locates in Australia to study veterinary medicine.

In 2019, she completed her graduation from StFX University. In high school, she was an athlete and a member of the female hockey team in Antigonish, NS, Canada.

After completing her studies, she decided to step into her mother’s footsteps and became a vet like her.

As a result, she joined Murdoch University in 2023, and her mother went to Brisbane to drop her off on the first day.

Although she fears some creatures like monkeys, she starts overcoming them by learning to love them.

Moreover, she believed in being surrounded by animals and helping them support through the hard days.

The vet shared her journey with the animals and spent time curing them on her social platform.

In her career, she has helped various animals rescue and recover from skin conditions, including Baby Wombat, Kali, Crinkle, and Joey.

As she shares her interest in aiding animals, she mostly uses laser treatment for the healing method.

Once, she joins Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center to help the creatures.

Second Child Maya Oakley

Age 24
Birthday December 2, 1998
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Education Notre Dame and Western University
Occupation Athlete and Vet Assistant

Maya Oakley age is 24. She was born in Yukon, Canada, on December 2, 1998.

She is an athlete and vet assistant who appeared alongside her siblings on her mom’s show.

On December 8, 2019, her mother posted her birth weekdays and pinned, ‘Still can’t believe her baby Maya moo just turned 21’.

The television personality added she felt proud of her child’s heart, strong mind, and the awesomely cool, funny woman she has become.

On her 20th birthday, Michelle shared the childhood picture of her middle child and wrote Mayamoo is a kind, capable, bright, empathetic, Yukon-tough woman.

On August 31, 2015, she moved to Wilcox, Saskatchewan. Afterward, in June 2016, she graduated from Notre Dame and went off to Western University in September same year.

The vet assistant’s mom shared the picture of her middle child’s graduation day and praised her as a smart, beautiful, and thoughtful woman.

Maya and her older sister participate in the 2015 Canada Games as the Yukon Team. They played hockey at Canada Winter Games, where she was Goalie, and Siera was a forward player and a team captain.

Besides this, she joined her mother and sister in Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous AX throw competition, where she gained the 2nd position.

Willow Oakley Loves Animals

Age 18
Birthday July 15, 2004
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Hometown Haines Junction, Yukon Territory

Willow Oakley age is 18, born on July 15, 2004. She shares the same birthdate as her older sister.

On July 15, 2017, her mom wished her and tweeted, ‘Can’t believe she has grown up now and felt proud of what a hard worker she has become.

Meanwhile, on Instagram, a professional veterinarian wished her oldest and youngest girl a birthday. She wrote birthday cele with Snickers the porcupine at AK Wild Life Conversation Center.

Willow is also an athlete like her two elder sisters. However, she is a basketball player who did a big jump serve in Skagway.

She used to learn to swim with coach Jessica at an early age. Also, she used to wear her big sister’s gear.

The basketball player works on a heritage fair poster about her uncle Kenny. Once, she shared excitement to help the Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation.

The youngest one traveled with her mother through Southern Canada, where she stopped for a road kill picture with species.

Dr Oakley And Her Husband Shane Oakley Age

Dr Oakley is 51 years old, and her husband, Shane Oakley, is 57 years old. The couple has six years age difference.

Michelle was born to Georgia Plantinga and Steve Plantinga in Munster, Indiana, on September 16, 1971.

Meanwhile, Dr Oakley Yukon vet husband, Shane Oakley, a firefighter, was born on March 11, 1965.

When she shared her 25th anniversary, her fans questioned, ‘How old were you when you met & how old were you when you got married?’

The vet replied, ‘I was 19 & Shane was 25 when we met. We got married two years later! So young, haha!’

The couple met in 1990, and after dating for two years, they tied the knot on December 10, 1992, in Hawaii. So, the couple has been together for 30 years.

On December 10, 2017, the vet could not celebrate her 25th wedding anniversary as they were on opposite sides of the closed mountains pass. But they celebrated their big day after the Dran Road reopened.

On March 11, 2013, she wished birthdays to her awesome, funny, handsome, handy, and lovable hubby. She expressed her love and added she was going to spend the year trying to make him smile.

Some FAQs

How Old Is Dr Michelle Oakley?

Dr Michelle Oakely, aka Dr Oakley Yukon Vet, is currently 51 years old. She was born in Munster, Indiana, on September 16, 1971.

Is Dr Oakley Yukon Vet Still Married?

Yes, Dr Oakley Yukon vet married to husband, Shane Oakley, on December 10, 1992.