Doug DeMuro Has Been Married To His Wife Joanna DeMuro For 5 Years

Doug DeMuro has been married to his wife Joanna DeMuro since 2017. Doug DeMuro welcomed his first child in 2021 with his partner Joanna.

Many sources have claimed that the couple gave birth to a baby boy after Joanna faced multiple miscarriages.

DeMuro is known for doing different car reviews on his YouTube channel. He started his career by writing blogs about different brands of cars and now he also owns a separate website that focuses on cars and bids.

It can be proven that Doug’s automotive business has quite flourished a lot, and he has got millions of followers on his YouTube channel.

Doug DeMuro And His Wife Got Married In 2017

Doug DeMuro married his long-term girlfriend Joanna DeMuro back in 2017.

DeMuro posted a picture on his official Instagram account on July 16, 2017, with the caption, “Let’s get married”.

He got married in Washington DC, with close friends and family members. The bridesmaids and the best men posed in a yellow Land Rover, with Joanna standing in front of it in a beautiful bridal gown.

Doug shared an Instagram post with a caption on how they moved into a place where they saw a few years back. Years back, when Doug and his wife Joanna were on vacation in California, they noticed a house they adored. The house was painted in Whimsical colors, and its yard was like a forest.

After the couple got married, they settled on the East Coast, where they made great memories with friends, traveled together, and even got a dog.  Yet, they never forgot the house they saw a few years back.

There were several locations that they had to choose from, and after a few days, they found out that the house they fell in love with was on sale. That’s when they decided to move to San Diego, California, and it seemed like fate.

The couple also has a dog named Noodle which they love a lot.

Doug DeMuro Is An American YouTuber

Doug DeMuro is one of the most popular automotive YouTubers of all time.

Doug was a former writer about cars, and now he is also a car bidder and a YouTube personality.

He has been featured in multiple magazines and websites, including Autotrader, for his different blogs and works.

He took a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. After he got graduated, he worked at a famous car company, Porshe, for three years.

There he worked as a vehicle allocation manager, and at the same time, he also worked as an automotive writer at AutoTrader.

Doug started filming for YouTube around 2016 while working as an editor at AutoTraders. His channel contained reviews of car brands like Ford GT, Tesla, Buggati Chiron, and many more.

His YouTube now has almost 4.3 million subscribers and a total view count of 1.6 billion. Annually, he earns almost $681,400.

In 2019, he left AutoTraders and opened his own venture called Cars and Bids. The website only accepts cars built after 1981, and the first car listed on his website was Doug’s own car, a Mercedes Benz.

In 2021, the company listed more than 4000 cars, and the purchasers spent more than $75 million.