Don Sweazy Omaha Firefighter Drowned In Hawaii During Vacation, Death and Obituary

According to the fire department, Don Sweazy, an Omaha firefighter, died in a “tragic event while vacationing.”

60 years of age Don Sweazy has been assigned to Engine 56A since June 2016 and was a 16-year veteran of the department.

Millard Suburban Fire Protection District, which began operations in 1998, and Elkhorn Suburban Fire Protection District No. 2, which began operations in 2007, have contracts with Omaha Fire to provide fire, rescue, and medical services.

A man who was on vacation with his family died in a sad accident lately. At this time, all of his well-wishers and family members are mourning.

Don Sweazy Omaha Firefighter Drowning In Hawai: Death During Family Vacation

Don Sweazy, an Omaha fireman, died in a “tragic occurrence” while on vacation with his family, according to the Omaha Fire Department and the Omaha Firefighters Union, Local 385.

According to the report, a firefighter was on a family vacation when he was involved in a tragic incident. As a result, his family members have been informed of his death.

The entire Omahama Firefighting team was stunned by the news. He was a sincere and industrious individual. He’s been working in this industry for 16 years.

The Omaha Fire Department, originally known as the Pioneer Hook and Ladder Company 1, was founded in 1860.

The initial fire station was located at 210 South 12th St, and it housed a hand-drawn fire truck that firefighters used to pull to the fires, form lines, and put out the fires using leather buckets filled with water.

Initially, the fire service relied solely on community volunteers to provide manpower in the event of a fire.

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Don Sweazy’s Wife, Daughter, And Children

Don Sweazy was a married man, according to his age and profession. His wife’s and children’s names and identities, on the other hand, have not been made public.

So far, he has been a very loving and caring husband and father who has worked as a firefighter for about 16 years and provided for all of his family’s needs.

He enjoys spending time with his family in his spare time. He was even on vacation with his family when he died, and the day became his last day in the world.

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What Happened To Don Sweazy?

Don Sweazy died tragically while on vacation with his family. He was a firefighter by trade. Don Sweazy, a 60-year-old fire apparatus engineer, joined the Omaha Fire Department in 2006.

“At this time, the Omaha Fire Department and the Omaha Firefighters Union, Local 385 extend our heartfelt sympathies, thoughts, and prayers to his wife and family,” OFD said in a statement.

According to the fire department, funeral preparations are pending. Don Sweazy’s helping soul will be missed forever, and his loss has shocked the entire Ohama team.

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