Does Nomsa Buthelezi Have a Husband? – Everything About Her Marriage And Children

Nomsa Buthelezi is a South African actress known for her role in The Adventures of Supermama as Doris Ratabane. She is also known as the host of Our Perfect Wedding, a popular Mzansi Magic reality show. She was born on April 7, 1982, in the slums of Alexander, Gauteng, South Africa, and raised there as well.

At age 25, Nomsa got an advertisement gig with Absa South Africa; this influenced her decision to venture fully into a TV career. She soon landed the Vodacom 2008 popular advert Summer Love. In 2011, she got a role in Abo Mzala, a Black Brain TV sitcom, as the no-nonsense housemaid, Thandi. She played the mischievous Ma Mnisi in the viewers’ favorite TV series, Isibaya. Nomsa’s most recent role is as Biopelo in the SABC1 soap, The Legacy.

A Timeline of Nomsa Buthelezi’s Relationships

The actress is perhaps even more popular for her relationships than for her acting career. Before her first relationship, Nomsa Buthelezi stayed single and away from men for a long time. This raised many questions but some simply assumed that she wanted to focus on building her career. Well, Nomsa finally dated someone and laid all wagging tongues to rest.

The Actress Dated a Man In The Past

In her early twenties, at age 22, Nomsa got into a relationship with a man; there are shockingly no details or information about the actress’s lover on the internet. Somehow, she managed to keep this piece of information away from the public but she had two children with him, male and female.

While fans were probably expecting the wedding bells to go off or some sort of public announcement to be made by the actress, news about the end of the relationship hit the wind. Nomsa had reportedly not been in love with him but had agreed to the relationship due to society’s pressures.

It is the opinion of many that children tend to make lovers closer and tighten the bond between them. This, however, wasn’t the case for Nomsa and her man. Despite having two children with her baby daddy, the SA actress and her lover decided to part ways when it became obvious the relationship wasn’t leading to forever.

She Revealed In 2018 That She Likes Women

Interestingly, Nomsa soon came out in 2018 to express her love for a woman! This was met with mixed feelings by her fans and indeed most of South Africa. This announcement, which she made on social media, caused much ruckus, mainly because of her previous relationship with a man. The Adventures of Supermama actress went on to reveal that she had always known she was gay but merely wanted to please people and got into a heterosexual relationship.

Surprisingly, Nomsa’s family and loved ones were in the know of her sexuality. Her father was reported to have always been suspicious of it but decided to leave her to the decision of coming out as a lesbian. While others castigated and even spoke harshly about her sexuality, her family stood by her, supporting her decision every step of her way to happiness. Nomsa’s mother was also aware from the beginning and urged her to come out of the closet and pursue her happiness. And in a short while, the wedding bells rang!

Nomsa Buthelezi Has Been Married To Zandile Shezi Since 2019

Nomsa Buthelezi got married to her lesbian partner, Zandile Shezi, on September 28, 2019. Zandile Shezi is a physiotherapist, practicing in a hospital in Ladysmith. The couple does not have any children together as of 2021.

As at the time of the infamous birthday wish, the duo had been together for about six months. They became friends after their first meeting in The Place Where the Sun Rises aka Mpumalanga, South Africa. Love soon blossomed between them and Zandile proposed to Nomsa but was turned down.

In her defense, Nomsa felt it was a half-serious request so she decided to avoid the topic. However, the love-struck Zandile kept at it and soon, the actress agreed to walk down the aisle with her lover. Nomsa’s agreement didn’t come easy though, her partner had to meet her father on lobola talks. Zandile’s representatives took the lobola negotiations as their responsibility and smartly came to an agreement with Nomsa’s family.

They Had a Private Wedding To Avoid Homophobes

The wedding ceremony took place in Alexander, Nomsa’s birth town, and only involved a few family and friends, it was a very private occasion. They also had a few colleagues in attendance, but the couple was very careful in inviting only people who were truly desirous of their joy and not closeted homophobes.

The couple has been together with no public drama or complaints. In fact, in October 2020, they were nominated for a Feathers Award, in the category of Cutest Couple of the Year alongside Ricky and Tony, and Sape and Vaivi. The Feathers is an initiative set to recognize the efforts of individuals and groups towards the LGBTIQ movement in South Africa.

How Nomsa Buthelezi’s Marriage Affected Her Children

Nomsa Buthelezi had two kids with her previous (male) lover and although the kids get bullied by peers and others over their mother’s sexuality, Nomsa reports that they are fine with her choice as long as it makes her happy. Very little is known about the children who now have two mothers. We do know that their names are Olwethu and Lindi.


Olwethu is the first child and son of Nomsa Buthelezi. He recently celebrated his birthday and his mom took to her Instagram handle to show him some love. The young man looks so much like Nomsa, as seen in the pictures of them together. He has shown much strength and love for his mother following the trolls and bullying he got after his mom came out of the closet.


Lindi is the daughter of Nomsa Buthelezi, she also looks like her mother, in fact, more like a mini version of Nomsa. The actress is proud of how her teenage daughter has stood in the face of all the side talks and bullying that follow her love life. We hope that in the future, Nomsa would be willing to share more about her children with us. There is so much more we would like to know about them, like the schools they attend, career goals, and of course, the juicy romantic bits as they grow older.