Does Mandy Moore have a new baby? When did Mandy Moore have her child?

Mandy Moore announced on Friday, June 3, 2022, that she is expecting a new child with her husband, Taylor  Goldsmith. This will be their second child. Their first son was born in February 2021.

When did Mandy Moore have her child?

Mandy Moore had her first child with her husband Taylor Goldsmith in February 2021. The name of their son is Gus Goldsmith. She is set to put to bed for her second child in fall 2022.

Mandy Moore is an American singer-songwriter and actress who rose to fame after her first single “Candy” which was No. 41 on Billboard Hot 100.

Mandy Moore husband

Is Mandy Moore married? Who is Mandy Moore’s husband? Mandy Moore is married to American singer, Taylor Goldsmith.

How old is Mandy Moore?

Mandy Moore is 38 years old.

Mandy Moore birthday

When does Mandy Moore celebrate her birthday? Mandy Moore celebrates her birthday every April 10.

Mandy Moore date of birth

When was Mandy Moore born? Mandy Moore was born on April 10, 1984.

How rich is Mandy Moore?

What is Mandy Moore’s net worth? How much is Mandy Moore worth? Mandy Moore has an estimated net worth of around $14 million.