Does Leslie Stahl From 60 Minutes Wear A Wig? Hair Loss Rumors

On social networking sites, Lesli Stahl’s haircut has caused debate. Many people believe the reporter is dressed as if she is wearing wigs. She has not, however, publicly confirmed the claim.

Lesley might be wearing a wiglet or clip-in hairdo. Per a Quora member, Leslie is most obviously wearing a custom-made synthetic hat and potentially clip-in or keratin-style hair extensions.

One reader even commented that her hair is way too large and artificial. On the other hand, some people believe it is her natural hair. “Donna Halper,” a user, claimed to have properly organized her hair.

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More on Leslie Stahl Family: Where Are They From? 

Leslie Stahl was born and raised by her parents, Dorothy J. Stahl, a food business executive, and Louis E. Stahl. She was raised in Swampscott and attended Wheaton College.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information on her folks on the web. They must be ecstatic with their daughter Leslie’s career achievement from above. Her parents were quite close to her.

Leslie used to thank her parents and family members for their care and encouragement for her. She is the proud mother of a daughter and grandmother to two gorgeous newborn girls.

Who Is Leslie Stahl’s Husband? Is She Married?

Leslie Stahl is wedded to Aaron Latham, a well-known American journalist. The couple has been with each other since 1977 and has been running great for 44 years.

Her husband, on the other hand, does not use Instagram. The reporter is uninterested in social activities. On the other hand, Leslie is active on social media, known as @lesleystahlofficial.

The verified user has 32 posts under her name, but her profile is secret. Her photographs are only shared with intimate friends and family.

Leslie was also linked to her first husband, Jefferey Gordon. They married in 1964. The wedding, on the other hand, lasted only three years. In 1967, the pair announced their quits.