Does Carlton Pearson believe in God?

Carlton Pearson’s Unconventional Beliefs: Exploring His Views on God and Religion

Carlton Pearson, a prominent American preacher, has garnered attention for his unconventional views on religion and God, specifically through his advocacy of the Gospel of Inclusion.

The Gospel of Inclusion

At the core of Carlton Pearson’s beliefs is the Gospel of Inclusion, a theological perspective that challenges traditional Christian doctrines. Pearson asserts that God transcends the boundaries of any single religion and rejects the concept of hell.

According to him, the restrictive and divisive nature of religious dogmas is a major contributor to global strife, and he advocates for a more inclusive and loving interpretation of spirituality.

Belief in a Universal God

Carlton Pearson’s theology emphasizes the universality of God, challenging the exclusivity often associated with religious teachings.

He contends that love, expansion, and universalism should be the focal points of spirituality, encouraging a broader understanding of the divine that transcends religious affiliations.