Do The Voice Contestants Get To Keep Their Clothes?

Yes, The Voice contestants get to keep the clothes. However, they don’t get paid for their arrival on the show.

It is a singing reality show which determines the winner by voting. The season starts with the Blind Auditions where the coaches express interest in the artist by turning their chairs.

Afterward, the contestant gets selected for the team, and they pick the dresses for their performance after the Blind Auditions.

The champion receives the $100,00 and other opportunities like a recorded contract with the Universal Music Group.

New season of The Voice premiered on March 6, 2023. This season the panel featured the coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Chance the Rapper, and Niall Horan.

The artist Grace West, D. Smooth, Gina Miles, Sorelle, and Noivas headed to the finale.

The American reality singing competition first premiered on April 26, 2011. For these 11 years, fans have shared their curiosity about the wardrobe and the pay rate.

Do The Voice Contestants Get To Keep Their Clothes?

Yes, The Voice contestants get to keep the clothes they wear on the show after Blind Auditions. The artists are on their own during their blind audition.

According to NBC, the costume team helps the artists choose their dresses while performing.

Costume Designer Erin Hirsh and the rest of the team have only a few weeks to prepare the right dress for the live performance.

However, the singers have different tastes and communicate with the team to share their idea for the outfit.

When the contender comes in at the beginning, they wear their clothes for the blind audition. After the singer gets into a team, they help to choose their clothes to model and can keep some of them.

They are alerted to fit for the contestant so they can keep it per their desire.

The executive producer, Audrey Morrissey, mentioned to SheKnows, they shop for each artist to bring their performance to life. For the live shows, they customize the looks for specific acts.

Fans suppose they get a wardrobe allowance of about $500 per performance. They also get to keep the clothing since it was modified to fit.

Some believe the show has a wardrobe crew that attires the competitors, but they don’t get to keep the clothes.

As in other singing competition shows like American Idol, the contestants are provided with a specific compensation that helps them decide their spending.

Fans have also wondered if the materials of the clothes would be same if they were selected by the costume department. However, since each costume is created based on the contestants’s desire, that is highly unlikely.

Do The Contestants On The Voice Get Paid?

No, the contestants on The Voice do not get paid. They are only provided living wages, per Newsweek.

However, the artist can win a grand prize of $100,000 and a recording agreement.

The season 22 contestant Bryce Leatherwood gained the record deal and the grand prize amount.

The source shared the artist signs a contract that states the show may be embarrassing, disparaging, and defamatory.

Moreover, The Voice has a right to replace or remove the participant. If the competitor does not follow the rules and breaks the contract, they get charged $1 million.

While linking to a similar singing show, Adam Rauscher, a TV professional, shared his view on Quora.

The TV professional working on America’s Got Talent mentioned the competitor didn’t get paid.

However, they obtained other facilities like food stipends, meals, lodging, and airline tickets.

They added enough money to survive in the shooting area. But, they didn’t get enough money to pay their bills, including phone, rent, electricity, etc.

They live cheaply, as anybody in the entertainment industry lives with few roots.

Even the losing contender does not get paid for the reality talent show. The Golden Buzzer finalist Arielle Baril’s aunt Charles Quackenbush mentioned the singer didn’t receive any amount even though she finished in the top five.

Nonetheless, the platform gave her opportunities, and she performed in operas and Moscow thrice. As a result, she established a pretty good career after her appearance on the show.

Why Do The Voice Coaches Wear The Same Clothes?

The Voice Coaches wear the same clothes because the blind audition is filmed in advance. So they film multiple episode on one day.

Viewers were curious that the Voice Judges wore the same attire from the beginning of the series every week.

The real reason behind this may be all auditions were shot on the same day, as suspected by BBC.

The source believed another reason might be the shown pattern as they instruct the presenter or guest to wear the same clothes for continuity.

As a result, they can edit the footage recorded at different times.

While answering the viewer’s question, Olly Murs and The Voice joked about the situation.

Even The Voice shared that their coaches model the same attire for six weeks and will be sports in the same outfit next week.

Meanwhile, Olly joked the deodorant helped him the entire week as he sported the same dress for five weeks.

In the case of country music singer Blake Shelton, he always appeared with the same fashion sense. As a result, Kelly Clarkson suggested wearing different dresses and changing his pair of jeans.

Viewers Comment On Their Outfits

Fans commented the show probably shoots several episodes on the same day. As they do multiple auditions on the same day, it’s broken into separate episodes.

Although the show seems like several days with the same outfit, they record it on the same day.

In some viewers’ opinion, the coaches wear the same clothes because it allows the auditions to be revised and shown in any order and on any night during the blind audition period.

They added they present the competitor in such a manner to give the most influence for maximum viewership in this way.

They believed the series is scripted for maximum viewership in the entire season.

Some noticed that the audience was fewer after the first few blind auditions.