Did you give her the husband? – Anita Joseph replies Obieze for advising Mercy Chinwo not to show off her marriage

Anita Joseph, a Nigerian media character and entertainer, has answered Obieze CIDP, a devotee of Mercy Chinwo, via virtual entertainment.

She reviews how Obieze prior encouraged the recently hitched gospel vocalist to cease from flaunting about things her better half had recently given her, including a vehicle. She was encouraged to zero in erring on her profound reason as a craftsman by the stressed fan. Anita answered by scrutinizing Obieze for having the daringness to exhort Mercy Chinwo, a wedded lady, about marriage when she was as yet single.

Anita declared that Obieze has no privilege to prompt Mercy Chinwo, stating that she has an option to joy and an option to communicate that satisfaction, and that she is talking in the interest of other wedded ladies.

The entertainer went on by inquisitive with respect to Obieze’s association in the marriage of Mercy Chinwo, guaranteeing that it was her inaction that had made her require some investment to compose everything she composed.