Did Paloma Aguilar Big Brother Do Drugs? Left The Show Over Anxiety

Paloma Aguilar did not leave Big Brother due to drugs but over anxiety and mental health issues.

Big Brother season 24 has already brought drama! Viewers suspected something was happening in the house as the live streaming was cut off during Wesendesady and Thursday.

The Thursday night episode showed that contestant Paloma Aguilar had left the show. The other housemates were presented with the note citing Aguilar’s reason for the departure.

This also means there will be no elimination this week. Eviction nominees, Taylor and Terrance, are still in the running to win the 750,000 USD prize. 

Did Paloma Aguilar Big Brother Do Drugs?

Paloma Aguilar voluntarily left the show in the unexpected turn of events in the first week of Big Brother’s house. Fans were shocked to see such a strong contestant called quits so early.

Following Paloma’s self-eviction, people started coming up with different theories on why she took the step. Some even alleged that the reality star could be battling addiction. However, these rumors aren’t true.

No, Paloma Aguilar from Big Brother did not do drugs.

Aguilar reportedly left the show due to personal reasons. She cited mental health issues as the cause behind her decision – not drugs. 

In fact, Big Brother House is very strict about drug rules. No drugs and narcotics (except prescribed medication) are allowed inside the house. Therefore, Paloma’s association with drugs is entirely misleading. 

Pamola Aguilar Left The Show Over Anxiety

Pamola Aguilar left the show over anxiety and lack of sleep. 

Prior to entering the dairy room, Aguilar questioned herself, “I don’t know how I am alive, quite frankly.” Other contestants later disclosed that she was no longer playing the age. 

In a note indicating Aguilar’s decision, the housemates read, “Due to personal matter, Paloma will no longer be continuing the Big Brother game. She wanted to pass along that she loves you and wishes you all the best”. 

Multiple clips of Aguilar, in which she talked about her anxiety, were shown to highlight her struggle. One such includes her conversation with Kyle Capener as she revealed that she was getting only two to four hours of sleep each night. 

The reality star was also in conflict with some house rules recently. She had reportedly broken the code by assuring other members about splitting the prize money if she were to win the show.

Beyond the Show – Is Paloma Aguilar Married?

Born in 1999, Paloma Aguilar is the age of 22 years old. She was the youngest contestant in the Big Brother House this year. Likewise, Paloma Aguilar celebrates her birthday on November 13 every year. 

An entrepreneur and interior designer by profession, Aguilar had completed her undergrad degree from the University of California, Berkely. She graduated from college in 2021. 

Paloma Aguilar is not married and is focused on her career. 

She is working as a fashion model and social media influencer. Though Paloma Aguilar doesn’t have a Wikipedia bio, you can find her on Instagram, with more than 19.3 thousand followers. 

As of now, Paloma hasn’t released a public statement on her Big Brother departure. Nonetheless, fans are hopeful she will be spilling all the tea very soon!