Did Monica Lewinsky Vote for Hillary Clinton In 2016? Kathy Griffin Says She Knows the Answer

Kathy Griffin says she has the scoop on who Monica Lewinsky ruled for in the 2016 authority political choice. The 61-year-old joke craftsman appeared on Tuesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live where she discussed her high-profile evening social affairs where she invites celebrity guests.

Griffin said she invited Lewinsky to one of the social occasions, seating her near “a great deal of genuinely sagacious people and editorialists.”

The veteran jokester alluded to Lewinsky as “perfect and genuinely obliging and clowning around and engaging,” and said she moved toward her whether she ruled for Hillary Clinton in 2016 when she conflicted with Donald Trump. Griffin saw that Lewinsky said no one had anytime represented her that request.

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“She did [vote for Clinton],” Griffin revealed. “She said, ‘I couldn’t permit my own issues to upset the general stream. I couldn’t rule for Trump. So for sure, clearly I ruled for Hillary.’”

During the ’90s, Lewinsky stood apart as genuinely newsworthy when it was revealed she had an unsanctioned sentiment with Hillary’s soul mate, then President Bill Clinton. The humiliation destroyed the then-White House partner’s calling and life.

Recently, Lewinsky has recuperated her public persona, standing firm contrary to the shamefulness she looked as a woman in her mid 20s. She filled in as a producer on Ryan Murphy’s Reprimand: American Bad behavior Story, which quick and dirty the shock. Lewinsky was played by Beanie Feldstein in the series.

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In a 2021 gathering with The Hollywood Editorialist, she shared, “And because I wasn’t on the news in every case for a long while comparably that I was in 1998 doesn’t suggest that this story wrapped up. 10 years on, I really couldn’t track down another profession. I couldn’t help myself.”