Did Les Gold from Hardcore Pawn die? Death claim debunked

Many were left stunned on Sunday, April 9, 2023, when fresh insight about American pawnbroker and media character Les Gold’s supposed passing circulated around the web. In any case, the 72-year-old is perfectly healthy.

The gossip started when a TikTok video posted by a client, @thecomelis, guaranteed that the American Gems and Credit pioneer had died. The clasp was imparted to an in-video subtitle:

The video became famous online and accumulated over 210k perspectives. A comparative post was before long seen on Twitter, imparted to a connection to a phony CBS Report, which has now been brought down.

Be that as it may, the cases were settled when his child Seth Gold posted a TikTok video on Monday, April 10, 2023, alongside his dad. The clasp was imparted to the subtitle:

He then proceeded to thank everybody for communicating worry for him.

Les Gold has been related with the pawn-broking industry for more than fifty years
Gold is an American business visionary, media character, and creator. A third-age pawnbroker, he was born in Detroit, Michigan. He established his business under the name American Adornments and Advance and its stores are situated across a few urban communities in the state.

Gold has been related with the pawn-broking industry for more than fifty years, beginning at 7 years old.

Les Gold is known for his part in the truth series Bad-to-the-bone Pawn, which vigorously includes his family and pawn shops. While many case that the show is a “rip-off” of Pawn Stars, the show flaunts a consistent following base.

The 72-year-old distributed his self-portrayal, Everything being equal: Business Shrewdness from a Pawnbroker, in June 2013.

Furthermore, he is engaged with elevating hopeful business people in Detroit by furnishing them with minimal expense preparing and tutoring. He additionally routinely gives to The Intensity And Warmth Asset (Defrost Asset), which assists families with paying for their intensity and power bills.

This isn’t the initial time counterfeit gossipy tidbits about a VIP’s passing have turned into a web sensation. A new popular trick on TikTok called the big name demise pattern is doing its rounds on the virtual entertainment stage. As the name proposes, TikTokers record their folks’ devasted responses to the cases of their #1 (the guardians) superstar passing on.

Entertainers Adam Sandler and Denzel Washington, powerhouse Addison Rae, previous US president Donald Trump, and vocalist Jon Bon Jovi have all succumbed to this pattern.

Be that as it may, netizens were not entertained by the trick. One client expressed:

“I’ve watched these clasps and seen the fear on these individuals’ faces while they’re being informed somebody they like died and afterward be like, ‘Goodness, simply joking.’ Don’t do that to individuals.”
Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen hammered the pattern, expressing:

“I’m frightened enough of kicking the bucket truly without watching strange reenactments of it again and again.”
In December 2022, there were bits of gossip about the Goddess of Pop, Cher’s end flowing, after her mom, Georgia Holt’s passing. The bits of gossip were reinforced after a 2021 YouTube video turned into a web sensation.