Did Denisdaily Die? Why Does Twitter Thinks YouTuber Denis Daily Is Dead

Denis Kopotun, also known as DenisDaily on YouTube, is a Canadian gaming YouTuber known for his Roblox videos and his friendly, easygoing personality.

The death rumor of DenisDaily has been circulating on Twitter, and many people are wondering what happened to him.

He has over 9.23 million subscribers and was a member of The Pals, a group of four other Roblox YouTubers, and one alternate account.

Along with Flamingo and GamingWithKev, he was one of the most subscribed male Roblox YouTubers.

Denis created a Sir Meows A Lot account for Sir Meows A Lot videos, but the channel is no longer active.

Did Denisdaily Die?

DenisDaily is in the Roblox Video Stars Program, and his Star code is still active, even though he has been away from Roblox for some time.

DenisDaily, on the other hand, has released a murder mystery video titled “Who Killed Denis?” on his YouTube channel.

Although Denis is a kid-friendly YouTuber like many Roblox YouTubers, many Robloxians dislike him for spreading false hack rumors.

Robloxians claim that Denis has ruined the game by bringing in so many children and thus destroying the community.

He is also despised because of his previously mentioned website, Growbux. Many Roblox developers and YouTubers have chastised Denis for profiting from his website and being a sellout. He is also disliked for the massive amount of sensationalist headlines on his channel.

Denis launched the Growbux website on September 25, 2017. The website was created specifically for the mobile version of Roblox to allow users to obtain free Robux by downloading apps. However, it would instead install potentially dangerous applications onto any mobile device, regardless of brand.

Denisdaily Net Worth: Is He Rich?

Denisdaily has a net worth of $1.69 million according to Networthspot.

Denis’s annual salary is estimated to be $422.13 thousand. Every day, Denis’s YouTube channel receives over 234.52 thousand views. Monetized YouTube channels earn money by displaying advertisements for every 1,000 video views.

Denis most likely has other sources of income. Successful YouTubers also have sponsors and can increase their earnings by promoting their products.

DenisDaily is the fourth most followed user on Roblox, chasing mrflimflam, who has 8 million followers.

DenisDaily took part in the second season, defeating Kindly Keyin in the first round but falling to KreekCraft in the second. He still made it to the finals by defeating RyGuy, Iamsanna, and Keisyo, but TanqR defeated him in the finale.

Denisdaily Married Life

Denisdaily is engaged to his girlfriend Gabby O’Hara. Since they are engaged, they may soon disclose information about their marriage.

Denis and his girlfriend appear to be having a good time together, and Gabby has posted pictures of them on her Instagram account.

Gabby’s username on Instagram is @gabohara. She has 11.6k followers and 148 posts on her account.

She keeps her followers up to date by posting personal updates. Gabby has shared numerous photos with Denis.

Denis has the Instagram handle @denisdailyyt. His Instagram account has 232k followers and 33 posts.