Did Cassie Randolph Have Plastic Surgery? Before And After Photos On Twitter

The Bachelorette Cassie Randolph did have plastic surgery but has not added any new procedures now.

Cassie Randolph was a contestant on the 23rd season of The Bachelor, where she began dating Colton Underwood.

Cassie had a messy relationship with Colton which resulted in her getting a restraining order against him. Colton later came out as gay in late May 2021.

Bachelorette: Did Cassie Randolph Have Plastic Surgery?

Yes, Cassie Randolph from Bachelorette has had much plastic surgery. She is open about her lip fillers and botox.

Unlike most celebrities, she is honest and translucent about her thoughts on plastic surgery. She opened up about the botox in her forehead and feet as well.

Following, her breakup with Colton, she was under so much stress that she decided to get botox in her jaw after a lot of stress.

Cassie was stressed out so much so that she started clenching her jaw in her sleep. That led to severe anxiety and headaches.

Botox helped her with her physical appearance for a while but the accumulated stress made her switch to a mouthguard.

She has also gotten cheek fillers here and there but she has a natural cheekbone and the fillers only authenticated her beautiful persona.

But recently she has not added any new extra procedures on her face and says she wants a more natural look.

Cassie Randolph Before And After Surgery Photos On Twitter

For a while, Cassie Randolph was the talk of the town for surgery looks before and after.

A huge debate was going on Twitter about what kind of surgery she had and what packages were included in the operation.

Cassie revealed all that on a Youtube video on May 28, 2021, explaining why she had done plastic surgery.

After fans noticed a huge change in her appearance, she shared her opinion on getting work done.

She also urged her supporters to just do whatever makes them feel comfortable, without worrying about what others going to think about them.

Who Is Cassie Randolph Dating?

Cassie Randolph is currently dating Brighton Reinhardt. Brighton is a musician, producer, singer, and songwriter.

They have introduced each other to their respective family as well and they get along quite well with each other’s families.

After months of the trauma she face with her ex-boyfriend, she finally overcome her fears and allowed new love into her life.

So far, her new beau seems to treat her in the best way possible.

Her boyfriend can be found on Instagram as @briiighton and has over 97 thousand followers.

His next show is coming on 7 April at Bar Lubitsch with live performance free with RSVP at 7 p.m.