Did Bianca Devins Killer Sent Her Death Videos And Photos To Her Family? Details About The Murder Case

Bianca Devins was an American teenager murdered by Brandon Andrew Clark and sent the brutal pic to her family.

On July 14, 2019, Bianca had brutally killed by a male acquaintance Clark. She was from Utica, New York, and lost her life at a young age. Devins’ family sought justice after the 17-year-old’s murder went viral, and the murderer had levied with second-degree murder.

Clark pleaded guilty to the crime and had sentenced to 25 years in prison. Also, police reported that they were in an intimate relationship. However, they perceived their bonding differently. Benicia’s sister used to call Clark the close family friend. The murder was the result when the victim had spotted kissing another man.

The murder of the teenage girl got the attention of the press and social media. The photos of Banana had captured by Clark and posted widely online, resulting in both mockery and sympathy.

Were Bianca Devins’s Death Photos & Videos Sent To Her Family?

According to Devins’s parents, death photos and videos of their precious daughter had been sent to them by Clark. Her friend murdered her in Utica, New York. The killer shared the images of her deceased body online, which went viral, making matters worse when these were sent to her household.

According to Benica’s mother, Kim Devins, social media was a vital part of her life where she could be whoever she wanted. On July 14, 2019, the first image of Bianca’s body was found by her friends on the internet. Although her friends thought it was a kind of prank, it came in actual following days.

Friends felt it was fake news as no one on the social platform would distribute the disturbing images. The change of mind came after the victim’s friend Brandon Clark called 911. Even he told the dispatcher they could find him dead-end road far from the victim’s home.

Police found the body of Bianca under a trap. Before the police, someone shared the horrific picture with her family. While her loved ones were grieving and mourning the terrible death of Bianca, the news has spread over social sites multiple times. In the social forum, online trolls, hateful messages, and cruel memes were sent to her family, blaming her for the incident.

A behavioral scientist, Steven Crimando, called the incident a form of psychological terrorism. Also, the scientist further discussed with Jericka Ducan, CBS News national correspondent it was a physical crime.

According to the Bianca supporter, they saw a couple of years ago photos on account of the guy that killed Bianca Devins. The traumatizing post why people saw it in the first place was an algorithm and the lack of Instagram support to remove those posts.

Bianca Devins Autopsy Report & Case Update

Devins’s death was a physical crime, according to the scientist. First, Clark assaulted her and sliced her neck with a long knife hidden by the murderer’s seat. She was physically tortured in this case. The officers may not disclose the autopsy report.

In honor of the victim, in the days following the murder of Devins, downtown Utica, New York, light pink color. And to celebrate her life candlelight vigil was held where supporters gathered and sang a song called Puff the Magic Dragon, which her grandfather used to sing to her granddaughter. The victim used to sing the same song to her baby sister Maddie as a part of the continued family tradition. Her grandfather mentioned the special music.

Ej Dickson Rolling Stone reporter, talked about the supporters who tried to combat people trolling the hashtag by posting beautiful images of different things like clouds, bunnies, ribbons, or even fan art of the little girl.

Likewise, Devins, Shannon Melendi, disappeared from Atlanta at age 19, and NBC Dateline’s Shannon’s Story covers the tragic story of Florida teen Melendi’s murder at the hands of Butch Hinton.

Bianca Devins, 17 Old Teenage Girl Murdered In 2019

Devins was 17 years old girl killed by her friend Brandon Clark who is 21 years old. She wanted to join Mohawk Valley Community College to further study in Utica for psychology. At a young age, she was struggling with mental illness, depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder, which concerned her family members.

During most of their teen years, Bianca was in and out of the hospital receiving treatment for her mental condition. However, she found social media as her aid. Following that, she was the victim of online harassment for at least two years.

The murder occurred at the concert where Candain singer Nicole Dollanganger was performing, and the victim attended the show with Clark and other friends. After Devins kissed her friend Alex, they had an argument leading to Devins’ death.

The girl’s funeral occurred on July 19, and another vigil on July 2020. It is not the first time teenager has died like this. Similarly, on July 15, 2013, Jessie Blodgett, a talented teen, was found sexually assaulted and strangled to death in her bed by her ex-boyfriend.