Details of Mike Ezuruonye’s Family Life With Wife Nonye and Alleged Albino Daughter

A-List Nollywood actor, producer, and director, Mike Ezuruonye has shown that there is no limit to what anybody can do as he has spread his tentacles to cover all sides of the film industry even though he is a trained accountant. More so, the actor has a decent family life which is the envy of many despite the crisis they had gone through over his alleged albino child.

Mike Ezuruonye Gained Fame By Playing Romantic Roles

Mike Ezuruonye made a name for himself by thrilling his fans in the roles he played that were mostly romantic movies, with a blend of comedy. Some notable romantic films he has featured in include Endless Passion (2005), Desire (2008), Ropes of Fate (2010), and Unforgivable (2014) amongst several others. His lover boy role in the movie Critical Decision in which he featured alongside Stephanie Okereke Linus earned him the accolades and recognition of a lot of viewers. He has also gained appearances in movies from Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzania as he sets his eyes on Hollywood.

With all these, one would have thought that the talented actor would sit back or revel in his accomplishments, but there is no stopping him, as he went on in 2018 to serve as the director of the movie, Divorce not Allowed. Sticking to what he knows best, this movie was also a romantic one. When asked what spurred the movie, Mike revealed that he had to release the movie to tackle the common trend among young couples of giving up easily on their marriages.

Unfortunately, during that period, things began to take a different shape when rumors began circulating that the actor and his wife were getting a divorce. According to the rumor, his wife was said to have put to birth an astonishingly charming girl, with albinism, but her face was never revealed until sometime in 2018. This raised a lot of questions about the child’s paternity as neither of her parents had such a trait and there were a lot of talks that Mike Ezurounye requested for a DNA test but was met by the disgust of his wife, who shunned his flippant display of distrust.

Is Mike Ezuruonye’s Daughter Really An Albino?

In 2018, news making rounds on the internet was that Mike Ezuruonye said that albinism did not run in his lineage. This was quite a controversial statement which he used to contest for the paternity of his albino daughter who was born in September 2016 in Canada. To further support the fact that the actor was hiding his daughter, he refused to post pictures of her, and sources have it that he had abandoned his wife in Canada for a year after his daughter’s birth.

However, in spite of the whole family crisis, one thing we know for sure is that the actor is very fond of his family. For all its worth, his refusal to share his daughter’s picture might be a move to prevent his family from the glamor and gossip of the public. More so, the claims of his alleged request for a paternity test and divorce talks still remain unverifiable. Mike however continues to reaffirm that his family totally supports him and they do not buy into the rumors that are all over social media.

The Actor Shows Off His Son On Social Media

While much that has been said about his alleged albino daughter can be classified as rumors, the same can not be said about his son. Mike Ezuruonye’s family is blessed with a son who happens to be their first child. It would also interest you to know that the boy was born on the 1st of October, 2011, which earned him the nickname ‘Independence baby’ in reference to him being born on Nigeria’s independence day.

Mike’s son, who goes by the name Reynold Nkembuchim Ezuruonye, is a replica of his father. The actor is clearly a doting father as he is seen posting pictures of him and his son in several stages of the boy’s life on social media.

How Long Has Mike Ezuruonye Been Married?

As fate would have it, Mike Ezuruonye met his wife Nkechi Nnorom in Abuja during one of his movie shoots in 2009. The pair began to date and shortly after that, they decided to tie the knot in November 2010. The wedding was a grand one and it was held at Folawiyo Bankole Methodist Church in Lagos – this time around it was no longer a movie as the playboy actually got married legally.

The actor’s wife is known to have lived in Canada and was working there as a Psychologist. She had moved back to Nigeria where her paths crossed with Mike. However, after their wedding, the actor and his family made Ontario, Canada their base, and his wife continued to pursue her career there.

As of now, Mike Ezuruonye and his wife have been married for over 10 years. Although they have faced their own share of challenges, the couple seems to be doing pretty well. More so, they have remained quite silent about their family issues apart from a couple of hints here and there which are mostly compliments by the actor to his supportive family.

His Acting Career Continued To Grow After He Got Married

The actor, writer, movie producer, and director first set out as an accountant before he was offered a casting role in 2003, where his innate talent was made known to the public. His debut movie, Broken Marriage, which was released in December 2003, earned him more pay than his banking job ever did, so he did make a run for the cash as he left his banking job and pursued acting with intense passion cause he had a thing for it.

More so, the years that followed have seen him take on vast roles in the industry until he got dubbed as Nollywood’s playboy. Interestingly, even after he got hitched in 2010, Mike has shown that marriage does not in any way impede your level of success as he has earned more recognizations after he got married.

Awards and Other Recognizations Received By Mike Ezuruonye

  • Best Actor in a Supporting Role and Best Actor in a Leading Role, 2008, in Africa Movie Academy (Nomination)
  • Best Actor in Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (Nomination), 2009
  • Best Lead Male Actor for the film Unforgiveable, by Nollywood Movies Awards, 2014
  • The Best Actor of the Year (English), by City People Movie Awards, 2014
  • Best Actor in Comedy for Brother Jekwu, by African Magic Viewers Choice Award, 2016