Demetress Bell mom Gloria Bell is from Louisiana while father Karl Malone is a former NBA player. Karl was born on May 3, 1984 in Summerfield.

Demetress grew up around Gloria’s family members and relatives. He still remembers his maternal grandparents.

The two-time NBA Most Valuable Player, Malone was only 20 and Gloria was 13 when they had Demetress. 

Furthermore, Bell’s parents never legally bound themselves in marriage, which resulted in Gloria, his mom, taking on the responsibility of raising him.

Bell retired from American football after playing as an offensive tackle for six seasons, from 2008 to 2013.

He was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the seventh round of the 2008 NFL Draft and played for the Eagles, Cowboys, and Titans during his professional career.

Demetress Mother Gloria Comes From Summerfield

Demetress Bell mom Gloria Bell raised him all by herself in Summerfield Louisiana. Gloria was only 13 when she gave birth to Demetress.

Gloria’s father initiated legal action against the former NBA player in 1986, pursuing a court order compelling Malone to pay $200 per week to contribute to the upbringing of their son, who was under the care of Gloria.

Though Karl refused to take any responsibility and provide them with any financial support, he agreed to help them outside of legal pursuits in an undisclosed lumspump amount with no strings attached to raise Demetress.

Besides, her house members were initially reluctant to file a case against Malone but then he would not be able to provide any financial assistance.

Demetress Dad Was Nicknamed A Mailman

Demetress Bell has a complicated relationship with his dad Karl Malone. 

The 38-year-old former Buffalo Bills tackle even admitted he was unaware of his father’s identity until he finished his high school education. Gloria intentionally never spoke about Malone to Demetress because she wanted to raise him all clean. 

Malone tried to patch the relationship with Bell occasionally, but Demetress knew that that ship had sailed long ago. He also admitted that without any help from Karl made him even a fierce athlete. 

Notwithstanding their past issues, in 2014, the two parties reached a mutual understanding and attempted to re-establish a relationship, which has since remained amicable.

Besides, Malone is considered one of the greatest players in NBA history. The power forward for Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Lakers played in the league for 18 seasons, winning several achievements both at the club and personal levels.

Karl has seven children from his three relationships. He has two kids with Bonita Ford, one with Gloria, and four with his wife Kay Kinsey.

Demetress Bell Has Nine Half Siblings

Demetress has nine siblings, all his half brothers and half sisters.

He has younger sisters Chastity Bell, Chauncey Bell, and Monisha Bell, born to his mum Gloria. The rest of the six half-siblings were from his patriarch’s side. 

Malone welcomed twins Cheryl Ford and Daryl Ford in 1981 with his lover Bonita. Demetress had a very close bond with the two of them. 

Cheryl is a former WNBA player who played for the Detroit Shock from 2003 to 2009. She played college basketball for the Louisiana Tech Lady Techsters before getting picked in the 2003 WNBA Draft.

Besides that, Bell is an older half brother born to Malone and Kay in the 90s. Kaden was the firstborn in 1991, followed by Kylee in 1993, Karl in 1995, and sister Karlee in 1998.

Demetress Bell got married two times in his life. He was first married to wife Haleigh Bell in 2011.

Sadly, their union did not endure very long, and they eventually split up. After that, Bell married Liria Hernandez, his second wife, in 2016, and the two became parents to Demetress Bell Jr.