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DashieXP is a YouTuber and performer known for his entertaining recordings on his Youtube channel.He has two Youtube channels and is more dynamic on his channel, Dashie Games, than on his DashieXP.

In Dashie Games, his content is more in view of ongoing interaction, and he has played different games on this Youtube channel, while in DashieXP, he makes amusing recordings or melody content on the channel.

Who Is DashieXP’s Better half? DashieXP has not discussed his relationship status with his fans and supporters.

He is by all accounts single right now. In any case, the bits of gossip about him having a sweetheart emerged when one of his fans saw something with respect to his video blog video of Japan in 2017. The individual discussed his hypotheses of DashieXP having a sweetheart in one of the Reddit posts.

Real Name Charlie Guzman
Known Name DashieXP
Date of Birth June 11, 1985
Birthplace Dominican Republic
Age 37
Profession Youtuber
Net Worth $2 million
YouTube  channel Dashie Games and DashieXP

He expressed that he saw a few things in the wake of watching his Japan Video blog from 2017 interestingly. He shared that he feels stunning that in the whole profession of DashieXP, he has not dated anybody. The Reddit client shared that when he took a gander at the video blog video, he heard a female voice exceptionally near the camera giggling at his assertion about the food.

He was likewise seen snickering accordingly. In the video, youtube didn’t bring the camera up before him, didn’t do a 360-degree shot, and showed no unexpected developments to the side of him in the entire video.

Thus, the client hypothesized that he could have a young lady and took her to Japan and has been concealing the way that he has a sweetheart. Essentially, there was additionally expected that since his sweetheart would have rather not been at the center of attention, she was kept out of the eyes of the media.

DashieXP’s relationship status The Youtuber has not been available to general society about his dating history and relationship status.

He has not imparted a lot of about his own life to his supporters and fans. DashieXP once shared a video, Meet my new sweetheart on his Youtube channel, Dashiegames.

Individuals thought he had revelead his accomplice, however it was the ideal title for one of the ongoing interaction recordings where he played Wellness Boxing 2: Cadence and Exercise.

Thus, he is yet to spill the tea in regards to his relationship status with his fans and supporters.

What Is DashieXP’s Genuine Name? DashieXP’s genuine name is Charlie Guzman.

He is 37 years of age and was born on June 11, 1985. He was born in Dominica, yet his family moved to Florida when he was eight.

Be that as it may, a portion of his relatives are as yet living in Dominica. He got his schooling in the US of America.

Prior to starting his excursion with Youtube, he worked in Florida Walmart and later took to parody on Worldstar.

Who Are DashieXP’s Folks? DashieXP has not shared a lot of about his folks, but rather they are Dominican. He once imparted to the public that his mother was hospitalized, however from that point forward, he has not shared no insights concerning it.

He has not shared a lot of about his mother, father, and kin. He has Dominican foundation and can communicate in Spanish and English well. The YouTuber lives in Florida with his four-pawed companion Chihuahua named BB.

Charlie resided in a condo in Coral Springs, Florida, yet moved to another house in California in Walk 2016. He again moved back to Florida to one more house in June 2018.

His shift is accepted to be on the grounds that he generally hollered and shouted in his condo, because of which the neighbors griped about the clamors. Charlie likewise has Consideration Deficiency Hyperactivity Issue (ADHD) because of a limited capacity to focus.

DashieXP’s YouTube vocation DashieXP started his Youtube vocation in 2010 by opening his Youtube direct DashieXP in which he transferred comedic plays and amusing recordings.

His most memorable video on the channel was DashieXP – How To Plunk Down, transferred on Walk 17, 2010, and it has collected 1.2 million perspectives.

His most well known video on the channel is Spongebobby running pants (ghetto SpongeBob), transferred on July 22, 2014, as it has got 11 million.

The Youtuber delivered a diss track about Pennywise, the primary bad guy of the film It, on the direct in 2017.

DashieXP2 The Youtuber has multiple Youtube channels. He opened his second Youtube channel, DashieXP2, on June 25, 2010. He started transferring in DashieXP2 on June 28, 2010, principally containing video blogs and bloopers content.

His most memorable video on the channel is Dashie Versus Jason 2 – Bloopers/Erased Scenes, and it has 145k perspectives in it.

Youtuber’s most famous video on the channel is Cooking With Dashie!: Chicken Bosom and Veggies! It was transferred on October 6, 2012, and got 3 million perspectives.

DashieGames Charlie opened his third Youtube channel, DashieGames, on September 14, 2011, and has around 6.34 million supporters.

DashieGames contains computer game play content, and he transferred his most memorable video, DG – Island Bother, on September 22, 2011. The most famous video on this Youtube channel is SO MANY Fizzles!! GTAV (Confusion) was transferred on November 7, 2013, and the video has acquired 10 million perspectives.

In this channel, he is seen messing around like Uber Man, Road Warrior, Amazing Burglary Auto, Super Mario 64, Batman: Arkham series, Mario Kart 64, Castlevania, and some more.

DashieXP ‘s Total assets In 2022 DashieXP’s total assets is around $2 million.

He has amassed great many dollars worth of total assets from his calling as a YouTuber. Charlie additionally teamed up with eminent individuals like T-Pindell and the renowned rapper Rationale.

He brings in cash from the perspectives he gets on his Youtube channel and likewise from the promotion income from his Youtube channel.

He additionally acquires from the joint effort and organization on his Youtube channel.

Pay from YouTube As per the social cutting edge, he acquires huge number of dollars from each Youtube channel.

He procures about $243 – $3900 month to month from his Youtube channel, DashieXP, while he makes back $82 – $1300 month to month from his Youtube channel, DashieXP2.

Essentially, he acquires about $5700 – $90900 from the DashieGame Youtube channel. So he is making great from his YouTube channel.

He has 6.34 million supporters on his DashieGame Youtube channel, while he has 2.79 million endorsers on DashieXP. Also, he has DashieXP2 has around 1.22 million endorsers.

The YouTuber is seen more dynamic on his Youtube channel, DashieGame, and transfers everyday or week after week.

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