Dante Bichette Abuse On Son Dante Bichette Jr, What Happened Between Them?

A family member has confirmed that Dante Bichette Jr. was the victim of domestic abuse by his father, and the revelation is currently making its way around the internet.

29 years of age Dante Bichette Jr. is a free agent American professional baseball third baseman and first baseman who was born on September 26, 1992.

In the first round of the 2011 Major League Baseball draft, the New York Yankees selected him. Before relocating to Los Angeles to pursue his musical goals, he performed professionally for 11 years.

Since it has come to light that Dante Jr. has been mistreated by his father Dante, his name is currently a hot subject on the internet among those curious about what transpired between father and son.

Dante Bichette Abuse On Son Dante Bichette Jr

Dante Bichette, a former outfielder with the Colorado Rockies, was among the best hitters of that decade.

He mixed power and contact, making it difficult for pitchers to get him out. He put up stats that still stood out during the height of the steroid era.

As a result, he established himself as a pillar of the Rockies club, which debuted in 1993. Dante Bichette, an outfielder for the Colorado Rockies, has had two encounters with Marianna, his wife.

Additionally, the story of the son’s abuse has been widely reported online, where it has been shown that Dante Bichette has been torturing his child for a very long time.

In an Instagram post with a question-and-answer section, Dante Bichhete Jr.’s brother Bo said that Dante wasn’t living the life they believed his father had been withholding from him for a very long time.

What Happened Between Dante Bichette And Dante Bichette Jr?

Since Dante Jr. has been experiencing domestic abuse from his father for a considerable amount of time, it is not yet apparent what specifically transpired between Dante Bichette and Dante Bichette Jr.

Speaking of his father, he is an American who once played professional baseball and is currently a member of the Toronto Blue Jays staff.

He participated in Major League Baseball (MLB) from 1988 to 1990 as an outfielder with the California Angels, Milwaukee Brewers, Colorado Rockies, Cincinnati Reds, and Boston Red Sox, among other teams.

In 2013, he also served as the Rockies’ hitting instructor. He used his right hand to throw and bat.

Dante Bichette Jr Parents & Family

In 1992, Dante Bichette Jr. was born in Orlando, Florida. Former Major League Baseball player Dante Bichette is his father. The Toronto Blue Jays have a player named Bo.

Bichette participated in the Little League World Series in 2005. He batted.640 with 10 home runs and 40 RBIs in 30 games during his senior year at Orangewood Christian High School.

In the 51st round of the 2011 Major League Baseball draft, Bichette was selected by the New York Yankees.

On June 20, 2011, he made his Minor League debut with the Yankees Gulf Coast League team, the GCL Yankees.