Danny Ings Hair Transplant And Other Footballers Who Have Done So In The Past

Danny Ings, an English footballer, always takes the field with the same hair every match. Some footballers have done transplants in the past.

While their gameplay matters more on the ground, the talks on footballers’ styles and appearances are another round of discussion for football viewers. Among the fashion culture in the football world, many famous football-playing names have undergone permanent changes in their looks.

And these procedures are pretty hefty, given the tremendous changes they bring to these footballers. Thus, many have willingly chosen expensive transformations for their appearances, including hair transplants.

The procedure is also known as hair restoration and replacement, which is the ultimate way to cope with the problem of hair loss.

Lloyds Pharmacy confirms that the cost of a hair transplant in the U.K. can cost anything from £1000 to £30, 000, depending on the client’s nature of the transplant.

Citing Danny’s millions of earnings from his football career, it is only possible for him to opt for such extravagant ways to beat up his problems.

He is the current forward for Aston Villa in Premier League and is best known for his time with Southampton Football Club.

A professional since 2009, he has also been a part of numerous big-named clubs, including AFC Bournemouth, Dorchester Town, Burnley, and Liverpool.

Footballer Danny Ings Has A Visible Hairline

Danny Ings has often come under the hair transplant gossip considering his thickened hairline. All natural, he uses some hair products to keep maintain them. 

Heredity or environmental effect, a tiny bit of baldness can be natural for anyone. While the former Liverpool player has always been seen with his head full of hair, many have been concerned about him thinning out.

Sometimes it seems so after getting a haircut. So, such can be the case for Danny Ings as well.

Footballers Who Underwent Hair Transplant

A long list of big names has considered transplant as the solution for their falling hair.

In its December 2021 report, The Sun presented a few names of football players who appeared to have hair transplants, including the likes of David Silva, Wayne Rooney, Stephen Ireland, Andros Townsend, Dimitar Berbatov, and Antonio Conte, among many others.

Likewise, the list continued with Ashley Barnes, David Platt, David Beckham, and Rob Holding.

While many have dodged the question regarding their decision, the former Manchester United forward Rooney is one of the few people who have openly accepted to have had a hair transplant procedure.

In 2011, he tweeted confirming that he decided to for the method after going bad at just 25. As he was satisfied with the results, he decided to share his experience.

Today, the current D.C. United manager dons a buzz cut but is mainly seen with a cap on his head after a decade of his hair transplant. Meanwhile, he has not talked about his hair recently as he is busy with his managerial duties.

To grow his business portfolio and take services from his own companies, Ronaldo opened up a new hair transplant clinic in Marbella.

The Sun in August 2022 confirms that the clinic will employ 100 professionals who will work in the clinic’s 15 operating rooms.

Footballers Usually Go To European Countries For Hair Transplants

Hair transplant procedures have been in the market since the 1950s and have gradually taken over the world for cosmetic and health reasons.

While the problem of hair fall and baldness is quite common among the human population, they have rarely shared their experience with their clinics in public.

As the football world generates jaw-dropping revenue for everyone, all of the above-mentioned football players receive millions of salaries to support their lifestyle.

Thus, they can easily afford such expensive procedures to care for themselves. Meanwhile, while Ings has not shared about his clinic, he has not admitted to having a hair transplant.

Even so, others have, and they have usually gone to notable and experience clinics around Europe for transplants.

Quno Medical mentions that the Top 5 places for best countries for hair transplants are all European countries. Poland leads Hungary, Spain, Germany, and the U.K. in the list as the second-best country to have the best hair care and restoration treatment services.

Likewise, the No.1 country listed in the list is Turkey. It is due to the quality of work and low expenses since the total cost for a hair transplant comes nearly 70% lower than that in Europe.

Even so, many England native footballers have taken their time to do the procedure in Europe only.

Likewise, another big name, the former Milton Keynes Dons player Didi Haman took help from Crown Clinic in the U.K. to have healthy hair again after being inspired by Wayne Rooney.

The hair session results were satisfactory for the legendary man, and his journey is available on the clinic’s website. On the other hand, Rooney had traveled to Hungary for his transplant.

Thus, even though European hair clinics charge more, it does not degrade the quality of the work.