Danish Nurse Who Killed Patients: The Disturbing Story of Christina Aistrup Hansen!

Netflix’s The Nurse tells the disturbing story of Christina Aistrup Hansen who drugs patients lethally only to save their lives later and come across as an angelic savior. The Danish nurse who killed patients is revealed to be behind the many unexplained deaths at Nykobing Falster Hospital after a rookie nurse Pernille Kurzmann suspects her and conducts her own investigation. Christina Aistrup Hansen, the Danish nurse who killed patients, is currently serving her 12-year sentence.

If you had stopped getting nightmares about The Good Nurse, say goodbye to peaceful sleep again because Netflix is back to haunt you again with another chilling story of a healthcare worker who nurses people back from health. The story of the Danish nurse who killed her patients is horrifying in that the one we trust to take care of the ill is the very one responsible for playing with their health and risking their lives.

The Nurse is a Danish production that is based on the book The Nurse: Inside Denmark’s Most Sensational Criminal Trial written by Kristian Corfixen. The streamer’s new miniseries does a good job of recounting the story of the much-deserved downfall of Christina Aistrup Hansen after she is discovered to have killed patients. The fact that is inspired by real-life events and is a true story makes it much more horrifying and disturbing. The nurse in question is not a fragment of someone’s imagination and is not fictional. The Danish nurse who killed patients, Christina Aistrup Hansen, is very much real.

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The Story of The Danish Nurse Who Killed Patients: Christina Aistrup Hansen Drugs People in The Nurse!

It all begins with the arrival of a rookie nurse Pernille Kurzmann at Nykobing Falster Hospital that the mystery of unexplained deaths at the hospital starts to get unraveled. Who knows what would still have been if it wasn’t for her? The Danish nurse who killed patients might still be killing people and none would be the wiser. It would have costed way too many lives.

The story of The Nurse goes like this. Pernille Kurzmann has settled on to her first nursing job at Nykobing Falster Hospital and she’s having trouble befriending the much more healthcare workers around her. Her struggle at making friends ends when she hits it off with Christina Aistrup Hansen, who is the resident nurse extraordinaire and is adored by all.

Pernille Kurzmann becomes much closer with Christina Aistrup Hansen who takes her under her wing after they save a patient who goes into cardiac arrest which results in them getting labeled ‘The Dream Team.’ It’s the proximity with Hansen due to which Kurzmann finds out that there is much more about her (Hansen) than meets the eye. She soon discovers something sinister about Christina, who is revealed to be the Danish nurse who killed patients.

Everything seemed perfect from the outside. Christina Aistrup Hansen was a top nurse at the Nykobing Falster Hospital who was much esteemed and held in high regard by her colleagues. Nobody got the nagging feeling that something was wrong when every time she worked night shifts, the condition of patients who seemed stable would nose-dive. Even if anybody felt weird about that, they did nothing. Maybe because Hansen almost always saved those patients heroically in the end, they always thought of her as the savior and didn’t imagine she would turn out to be the Danish nurse who killed patients.

Pernille Kurzmann couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was not right when Christina Aistrup Hansen continued to heroically save the patients whose condition worsened all of a sudden. Why did the patient’s condition deteriorate whenever she was on duty? And how did she figure out how to save almost all of them? It was as if the grave situation had been tailor-made for her to look like a savior. Wasn’t it too much of a coincidence? This is what the Danish nurse who killed patients was getting away with.

But Pernille Kurzmann suspects that the much beloved and respected Christina Aistrup Hansen had something to do with the patients’ conditions declining so, she starts investigating the matter after which she finds out that Hansen has been administering patients with lethal doses of diazepam and morphine so that she could save them after their condition dramatically declines. She is not the angelic savior that many thought of her as but she is the Danish nurse who killed patients.

Christina Aistrup Hansen eventually gets charged with three counts of killing and one count of attempted manslaughter. In 2016, the Danish nurse who killed patients finally got what she deserved when she got jailed for the death of three patients at the Nykobing Falster Hospital. She was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murders of Viggo Holm Petersen, Anna Lise Poulsen, and Arne Herskov, and for the attempted manslaughter of Maggi Margrethe Rasmussen.

However, her sentence was commuted to 12 years in 2017 because it could not be proved that morphine and diazepam were the direct cause of death and she was thus convicted of four counts of attempted manslaughter on appeal. She is currently serving her sentence but she will be released in 2028. She won’t be able to work as a nurse though because she has been stripped of her license to practice as a nurse.

The Danish nurse who killed patients, according to a diagnosis, was drugging the patients to save them promptly afterward. As per a forensic psychological evaluation done during the trial, Christina Aistrup Hansen was diagnosed with histrionic personality disorder, which is characterized by excessive attention-seeking behaviors.